Are you searching for someone to design you a ridiculously good looking eBook?

Please Note: I am currently taking a break from accepting new clients or projects.

Well guess what? You’re in exactly the right spot. Raspberry Stripes specialises in designing rad PDF eBooks that make a mark on the world.

I work with you (just you by the way, I only take on one client at a time) to take your sizzling hot content to the next level. The design will catapult your message out into the world - looking dazzling, professional and better than you ever envisioned.

She Is Radiant - eBook Design by Alana Wimmer / Raspberry Stripes

Alana takes the time to get to you know and your style, your concepts, your message... And weaves it all together in a way that will both exhilarate and inspire you - not to mention your clients! Having such gorgeous, stellar design made it even easier to promote my eBook, because I knew that the reader was truly buying an experience. I can’t wait to see what Alana does with my stuff next. She is magic.


I know what it’s like when you’re bursting with excitement about your eBook and can't wait to get it out to those who need it most. I also know that many coaches, bloggers, wellness warriors, yoga-nerds and other online entrepreneurs don’t have the know-how, the time, the tools or even the inclination, to present their content in a way that truly honours it’s message.

It can dampen your enthusiasm - just when you thought the hard part, the writing, was over!

It’s handy then that you’ve found yourself at Raspberry Stripes.

I get how much work you’ve put into your eBook. Your blood, sweat and tears may well be within its pages. I also get what it takes to design gorgeous, custom, branded eBooks. I specialise in designing eBooks because I understand their importance in the world (and to you).

Trusting Alana with my first offering, The Whole You was a no brainer. I’d seen her work, and knew that she would create something beautiful that I loved, and that my tribe would love too. And she certainly delivered.

As cliché as it sounds, the finished product is more amazing than I imagined. Alana was so easy to deal with, she listened to what I wanted, always responded quickly to my emails, and was incredibly thorough. I’ve received so much great feedback about the design of the book, and I have Alana to thank for that.

As well as all of her creative talent, Alana’s support for launching was also incredible, offering everything I needed to launch a killer product as a totally unexpected bonus.


What does this mean for my eBook?

It means a VIP service where your content is transformed into a custom designed eBook while you get on with running your business (or maybe take a sneaky trip to the beach?)

What do I get?

  • Your complete one-of-a-kind, branded eBook, in a ready-to-download PDF format

  • Inclusion of live links to promote further engagement

  • Your eBook cover, presented in an iPad or book graphic

  • Up to four high quality stock images

  • Four custom promotional graphics in a bunch of handy sizes for use across your sites, newsletter and social media

  • BONUS copy of my exclusive eGuide, Launching Your eBook: The Resource Guide + Checklist.

This is no thrown-together, generic template service. You will walk away with a complete, polished, tailored PDF eBook package that’s ready to launch.

What’s the process look like?

  • You, the treasured client, get in touch with me via the form below. I reply with a big smile and after some quick questions, I'll put together a custom quote and send it right over. 

  • Next, you give us a “Heck yes!” and we set up a design timeline together. I arrange to receive the text, images and other requirements a few days before we start the design.

  • The design phase begins! Because I only work with one client at a time, the turnaround for your design will be surprisingly quick from this point. In no time, you'll receive a full first draft.

  • You'll then take a few days to look it over and send back any revisions. I’ll set to work on perfecting your eBook, taking into account your feedback, before a new (even more amazing!) draft is sent to you.

  • After you pick your jaw up off the floor, you give the final approval on your beautiful new eBook.

  • I’ll then design up your promo images and any extras we’d agreed on in the quote. Everything will be zipped up and sent over to you, including my exclusive eGuide, so you'll be armed with everything you need for a stellar launch!

Is this the service for me?

It is if you:

  • Are a lady with an online business, blog or at least an online presence

  • Have an eBook written or in the works 

  • Want a professional and speedy service where the focus is completely on you and your eBook

  • Have no idea what font kerning, embedding links or ‘optimising image resolutions for web publishing’ means (and you don’t want to know!)

  • Don’t have the time, knowledge, tools, interest or patience to professionally design your own eBook.

Raspberry Stripes can design your eBook

And if, like Raspberry Stripes, you’re serious about helping as many people as possible in your business, then presenting your products in the most polished way possible is crucial - so considering professional eBook design is a must!

Think about how it will feel when you receive your custom designed eBook. How it will feel when you launch this product, that you are oh-so proud of, into the world. Think about how it will feel when you receive that first bit of feedback that says, “WOW”. How about when you have to start a waitlist because clients are banging down your door?

All those feelings are totally within your reach. I’d be delighted to be part of your team on this one!

When looking for someone to design my first eBook, I knew I needed a pro with some serious design cred - and luckily I found Alana. She was more gracious, professional and sweet-as-pie than I could have asked for. If you feel like a fish out of water when it comes to design, Alana will effortlessly figure out your style, and magically transform your work into a visual feast. You’ll be so glad you’ve found her and her incredible skills.


Investments begin at AU $1250 for 5,000 words. Payment plans available. 

CURRENT AVAILABILITY: I am taking a break from accepting new clients or projects.

Oh - and don't forget, eBook design is a deductible business expense!