I was both excited and nervous when I handed She Is Radiant over to Alana. Beautiful aesthetics and clever design are super important to me (and my readers and brand), so it was a big step for me to invite somebody else into the creative process. I really needed to feel like I could trust them. The moment I started working with Alana, all my fears were put to rest!

Alana's communication felt fluid, honest and open and I knew she was really listening to me. The moment I opened the first draft felt like Christmas! Here they were, my words and ideas, bouncing off the page in a way that was so... ME.

Alana takes the time to get to you know and your style, your concepts, your message... And weaves it all together in a way that will both exhilarate and inspire you - not to mention your clients! Having such gorgeous, stellar design made it even easier to promote my eBook, because I knew that the reader was truly buying an experience. I can't wait to see what Alana does with my stuff next. She is magic. 

eBook Designs: "She Is Radiant" + "She Is Radiant Toolkit" + "Get Unstuck", branding and eCourse design: FLOW + Wild, Well and Creative; by Claire Baker, This Is Lifeblood.

Bright, bold designs; flexible and intuitive personality; open and humorous communicator - Alana's got mad skills. She's everything you want when you're handing over your creative vision. 

I've worked with Alana numerous times over the years, and I keep coming back because I love working with her and everything she creates.

Get her on your design team stat!

Album Cover Design: HOWL, eBook Design: Sound Advice, by Tahlee Rouillon, Sonesence.

Circle Testimonials - Megan Gogoll.png

Working with Alana is so fun! She absolutely makes it her mission to flesh out the feel and purpose of your eBook and your message. Alana knows how to bring your words to life her with mad design skills and big ol’ creative heart.

Talented, professional and a total joy to work with.

Need design.. think Alana.

eBook Design: Exhale by Megan Gogoll

I felt a deep desire and calling to write an eBook and share my message with the world, but when it came to the design I felt completely overwhelmed. And as if the Universe was guiding me, I found Alana and to say she saved the day (or my eBook!) would be an understatement. 

From day one the process was seamless and I felt completely supported. When I saw the first draft, I was speechless. Throughout the process Alana went above & beyond what I expected, and the result is a gorgeous eBook, Learning to FLY, which is changing lives and allowing me to share my message with the world. 

Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for Alana and her creative talent. Working with her is truly a blessing.

eBook Design: Learning to Fly by Emily Atkinson, Be Fly Living

Trusting Alana with my first offering, The Whole You was a no brainer. I’d seen her work, and knew that she would create something beautiful that I loved, and that my tribe would love too. And she certainly delivered.

As cliché as it sounds, the finished product is more amazing than I imagined, and I couldn’t have been more thrilled when I received that final proof. But as always, it’s not just about the end result. Alana was so easy to deal with, she listened to what I wanted, always responded quickly to my emails, and was incredibly thorough. I had requested a slightly tricky merging of two design concepts that Alana took on with ease. I’ve received so much great feedback about the design of the book, and I have Alana to thank for that.

As well as all of her creative talent, Alana’s support for launching was also incredible, offering everything I needed to launch a killer product as a totally unexpected bonus.

It’s not often that someone can bring together business smarts and creative goodness to result in a kick-butt business, but Alana honey; you have!

I’m so grateful to have been able to work with you Alana, I’ll see you for the next one!! 

eBook Design: The Whole You by Kate Caddle

Alana’s design work helped bring the whole thing together and really showcase my message. The finished product felt like me - only waaaay better looking! 

If you’re thinking of working with her, go for it! Alana is my secret damn-my-eBook-looks-cool weapon.

eBook Design: "3 Essential Done-For-You Scripts to Attract More Dream Clients", by Kate Byrne, Betty Means Business

Circle Testimonials - Nicola Brown.png

Working with Alana was a dream come true. She was warm, friendly and completely transparent in her communication; she kept me right up to speed on our project, and she made me feel like a VIP client. I knew she completely understood my vision from day one. What's more, everything she's created for my re-brand is out-of-this-world-gorgeous. Working with her was one of the best business decisions I've made!

Logo and Branding Suite, Nicola Brown

Alana, thank you a million times over.  I had a vision for my business and you wrapped up everything I was thinking, dreaming and hoping for and laid it out visually for the world to see.  As soon as my eBook and logo come back, my heart skipped a beat.  I was so excited each time and it was like you literally dived deep into my mind and saw exactly what I was thinking.  You just get it. 

I love working with you, it is so fresh, vibrant and a whole heap of fun.  I cannot wait to see how my brand keeps unfolding with you as part of my design dream team.

eBook Design + Logo Design, "Dream Chaser", by Bec Djordjevic

Alana is an absolute superstar!

As a newbie to the online world who was quickly racking up the dollars on the development of her website and associated resources, I was very nervous about handing over what was left of my dwindling budget to a designer. I quickly learnt that Alana was worth every cent - and more! She turned my opt-in wellness toolkit into a beautifully designed package that I am constantly getting amazing praise for and that has significantly increased my newsletter list.

She is not only super talented, but is also incredibly generous, patient, and kind. I hope that I will get to work with her again many times over.

eBook Design: The Wellness Toolkit by Naomi Arnold

Working with Alana was an absolute pleasure and I was totally blown away by how good my eCookbook looks.  This was the first time that I had ever worked with a graphic designer, so I was a little apprehensive to begin with.

Alana made the whole the process super easy and made me feel comfortable right from the start. She turned my element ideas, recipes and pictures into a work of art. I can’t thank her enough and I forward to working with Alana again on my next project.

eBook Design: BecomingSweet by Vanessa Vickery, Becomingness

When you start a business of your own there are a plethora of emotions that boil up inside you… for me, the one thing I knew I had to get right was my logo and branding! I knew that was what would really set Free Me Kinesiology apart. 

When I contacted Alana I knew the feeling I wanted to convey when people saw my brand, but I didn’t know how to bring that into fruition. I wanted something to help draw clients in, I wanted something stunning, I wanted people to see my brand and get a feel for who I am, I wanted something magnetic! Alana went above and beyond (and I really mean above and beyond) in creating all of that and more.

The thing I love about Alana is she doesn’t just create a brand, her work encapsulates a feeling and evokes emotion. That’s now not only what sets Free Me Kinesiology apart as a brand, that’s what sets Alana apart as a designer! That to me is a true gift. Thank you Alana! I am forever grateful.

Logo and Branding Suite: Sarah Tynan, Free Me Kinesiology

Circle Testimonials - Melisssa Horne.png

This was the first time I'd hired a designer to help me out so I was a little apprehensive to begin with, though Alana quickly turned that around with her open and warm approach. I had very specific ideas around what I wanted to create, and Alana brilliantly took the elements I really wanted in the design, and transformed them into something super special.

It was a completely heart-felt collaborative process, which was easy, streamlined and incredibly prompt, and I absolutely adore the final result. I grin every time I see it as it's a true reflection of everything I wished to express. Thank you so much Alana! 

Logo + Branding Suite for Melissa Farrugia, Soul Wellness