Free Me Kinesiology by Sarah Tynan

I worked with the lovely Sarah Tynan on a logo and branding suite for her business, Free Me Kinesiology. Sarah wanted a brand that was beautiful, mystical, soft and approachable, but not too feminine as she loves to work with both men and women. We ended up working with an image of the powerful Mount Shasta, with watercolour sky tones, and grounded that with some geometrics and images of succulents.

Free Me Kinesiology - Logo and branding by Raspberry Stripes
Branding guide for Free Me Kinesiology - logo and branding design by Raspberry Stripes
When you start a business of your own there are a plethora of emotions that boil up inside you… For me the one thing I knew I had to get right was my logo and branding! I knew that was what would really set Free Me Kinesiology apart. When I contacted Alana I knew the feeling I wanted to convey when people saw my brand, but I didn’t know how to bring that into fruition. I wanted something to help draw clients in, I wanted something stunning, I wanted people to see my brand and get a feel for who I am, I wanted something magnetic! Alana went above and beyond (and I really mean above and beyond) in creating all of that and more. The thing I love about Alana is she doesn’t just create a brand, her work encapsulates a feeling and evokes emotion. That’s now not only what sets Free Me Kinesiology apart as a brand, that’s what sets Alana apart as a designer! That to me is a true gift. Thank you Alana! I am forever grateful!
— Sarah Tynan, Free Me Kinesiology