Event Head - Jade McKenzie

Jade and I work together every month under my Design Wingwoman package. We've started with a logo and branding suite for her company, Event Head Event Management. We went with a classy design featuring black and gold, starting with a logo and brand features which we carried across social media, business cards, and her blog.

Next up, we worked on her eBook 'The Ultimate Event Toolkit' - a fantastic and detailed resource created for her event coaching clients, which is now available for anyone planning to host events who is looking for guidance from someone who knows the industry inside-out.

Other collateral has included business cards, Powerpoint slides, web design and more. We've recently worked on Jade's new digital products, including Workshop Wonderful (an online course) and The Event Head Intensives. These projects have included logo development, eBook design, advertising material, eCourse design and social media graphics.