You & Me, taking on the world together!

Are you looking for a 1:1 designer on an ongoing basis? Someone to work with you and be a part of your team, each and every month, helping to take your business to the next level?

I'd love to help you out. My service looks like:

:: An 'in-house' designer! Seamless and great-looking custom design across your logo, branding, eBooks, digital products, online services, ads, social media, web and print 

:: A brainstorming partner; someone to bounce ideas off and help you hash things out, to hone those sparks of brilliance into cool stuff even better than you had imagined 

:: A super-handy-get-things-done-wingwoman, who can get new graphics and products uploaded, social media scheduled, and launches smoothed out

:: Support from someone experienced who has run her own successful online business for four years.

Basically, within our allotted time together, we can accomplish a LOT. Series of eBooks? Full rebrand? New opt-ins? Monthly content for your subscribers? A social media blitz?

You can have just that – me, dedicated to you, for a guaranteed amount of time each and every month. No more waiting for designer availability! More time for building your biz (or lying on the beach!) A brand that’s consistent, strategic and growing! Hooray!

This was the first time I’d hired a designer to help me out so I was a little apprehensive to begin with, though Alana quickly turned that around with her open and warm approach. I had very specific ideas around what I wanted to create, and Alana brilliantly took the elements I really wanted in the design, and transformed them into something super special.

It was a completely heart-felt collaborative process, which was easy, streamlined and incredibly prompt, and I absolutely adore the final result. I grin every time I see it as it’s a true reflection of everything I wished to express. Thank you so much Alana!


Your Investment

  • 5 hours/month package: $595/month AUD (min 3 months) incl. 5 action-packed hours of dedicated design time plus an invaluable 30 minute Skype strategy session each month to plot out the best ways to move your business forward.

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