Claire Baker - this is lifeblood

Certified life and business coach, writer, and speaker Claire Baker have now worked together on several projects. The first was She Is Radiant: Your 6 Week Wellness Adventure to Get Glowy and Feel Rad.

What ensued is one of my favourite eBook designs to date. Claire's bright and easygoing brief was the perfect canvas to create a colourful, fun and experimental work of art.

As well as the PDF eBook, I created a full suite of promotional graphics for Claire to ensure she had everything for a successful launch.

Next, we worked together on her follow up eBook, the She Is Radiant Toolkit. Claire wanted this eBook to compliment She Is Radiant, but to also have it's own personality. We carried the bright mint hue through and balanced it with light wood for a clean Scandinavian feel. 

Promo 2.jpg


Get Unstuck was up next. Claire had designed it herself the first time around, but decided she was ready to invest in an upgrade. Even though Get Unstuck is Claire's free offering, having an opt-in of high value and quality is very helpful in growing your tribe.

We went with her signature colours of mint and fuchsia, and a 'Bali holiday' feel for a bright and enjoyable reading experience.

Get Unstuck


Claire and I worked together on her eCourse, Wild, Well and Creative. I created a wide variety of collateral and course materials including PDF guides, workbooks, transcripts, printables, meditation album artwork, social media graphics, laptop and smart phone backgrounds and web elements. (The logo and site were created by a previous designer).


I worked with Claire on a new eCourse titled Flow. We created this lunar themed logo and carried it throughout the course collateral including PDF worksheets, banners, and an album cover.

I was both excited and nervous when I handed She Is Radiant over to Alana. Beautiful aesthetics and clever design are super important to me (and my readers and brand), so it was a big step for me to invite somebody else into the creative process. I really needed to feel like I could trust them. The moment I started working with Alana, all my fears were put to rest!

Alana’s communication felt fluid, honest and open and I knew she was really listening to me. The moment I opened the first draft felt like Christmas! Here they were, my words and ideas, bouncing off the page in a way that was so... ME.

Alana takes the time to get to you know and your style, your concepts, your message... And weaves it all together in a way that will both exhilarate and inspire you - not to mention your clients! Having such gorgeous, stellar design made it even easier to promote my eBook, because I knew that the reader was truly buying an experience. I can’t wait to see what Alana does with my stuff next. She is magic.
— Claire Baker, This Is Lifeblood