Are you working in your Zone of Genius - or are you just close?

I was having a coaching session with my business mentor. 

"How is everything going?" she asked.

"It's pretty good. Work is great - I have fun clients and interesting design projects on the go. On the whole, everything is going well right now".

We chat about work for a while. Then she says, "If you are okay with it, I'd like to dive deeper into this. I think there's something here."

"Sure, okay".

She asks me: Is this work in your zone of genius?

Immediately, I replied that I felt very close to my zone of genius, but there was a bit of room to consider new ideas.

[Side note: the concept 'Zone of Genius' is from The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. It's where your passion and talents meet and to operate from this place is to create your best work possible. The alternative is to operate from your Zone of Competence, or even from your Zone of Excellence - which are close but not quite right.]

We chatted about my passions, what I'd been good at growing up, where I'd studied and worked and what I liked to do in my spare time.

After listing them off:

  • Growing up a total bookworm, preferring to stay in my tent and read novels and magazines on family holidays than even visit the beach
  • Excelling in English at school
  • Studying journalism at university
  • Doing work experience at Cosmopolitan magazine
  • Writing for several magazines
  • The internet got popular, so I started writing for websites too!
  • Working as an editorial assistant at a Brisbane street press mag, then migrating to Sydney to work for a larger magazine publisher across many titles
  • Working for a book publisher, writing content and designing books and covers
  • Curating and designing a digital magazine for the IT industry
  • Blogging on many platforms under many names practically since I got access to a computer,

it immediately became clear to me that my current work with eBooks - collating carefully crafted words with beautiful imagery and helping people tell their stories - was pretty close to the mark. YAY.

It also became clear that my love for magazines was lifelong and unending, and that obviously I should explore that. And then I got really excited. And decided to create one.

It's in the works right now. It's called Raspberry Magazine. And you can grab the first issue totally free right here!

So my question for you is - are you working in your Zone of Genius?

Or are you just close?

Alana Wimmer2 Comments