You may have written an eBook (and you don't even know it yet!)

Sometimes the simplest path is the smartest. (And the most profitable).

Are you constantly pondering ideas for an eBook? Trying to find something that’s useful and unique and aligns with your blog and brand and what your audience wants?

Ponder this: you may have already written that eBook. On your blog.

I bet your blog content is useful and unique and aligns with your brand and what your audience wants. You (most likely) poured a lot of your expertise into those articles, and you can see at a glance which ones resonated most with your audience (via analytics, shares and comments).

For example, say you’re a health coach, and you can see that every time you write about fermented foods you get a ton of hits, and people want to know more.

There is nothing wrong with curating and re-packaging those fermented food articles and recipes into an eBook. In fact, it’s recognising what your customer wants, and giving it to them. In a very handy downloadable format.

Add a few exclusive new recipes (optional, but a great selling point), make it look pretty, pop a price on it, and voila – you’re in business.

As always, be clear and authentic about what you are offering – there’s no need to hide the fact that your readers can find the content for free on your blog. Many people will pay for convenience and pretty packaging!

Do you possibly have an eBook in the making on your blog?

(Image: Steven Spassov via Unsplash)

Alana WimmerComment