Balancing the yin and the yang of business (and life)

Yin and yang. Masculine and feminine energies. Figuring out the elusive balance between these two seems to be my cosmic assignment this year.

All of us, both men and women, have both yin and yang energy within us. Yin and yang are opposing energies that are never static, but ebb and flow like the tides. It's a perfect arrangement, as long as the ebbs and flows are equal and balance is maintained.

The yang energy is the masculine energy: it's passionate, energetic, motivated. It strives. It thrives on new projects and late nights at the computer when you're on a roll. It's extroverted. It's productive. It gets shit done.

The yin energy is the feminine energy: it's surrender, allowing, enjoying. It's taking good care of yourself. It's restful. It's afternoon naps and strolls in nature. It's introverted. It's receptive. It favours play, nourishment and connection.

Both have their place in life. But it's become very obvious to me that I have way too much yang going on. As a creative entrepreneur/business owner, I find it super easy to work from that place of striving all day long. I have a lot I want to achieve - I'm balancing client design work with Raspberry Magazine and admin and accounting and social media - and there's not enough hours in the day, so I push myself to get the most out of every moment. Which is great...for work.

However I've noticed these traits often follow me out of the office and into my home life. I find myself scheduling times for dog walks and dinner. I do things around the house in the shortest possible time, rather than relaxing into them. I'm basically a productivity machine. Cooking, which I used to love, has become a sad exercise in "find me the quickest recipe to make!" 

This yang energy, although rad for tearing through a to-do list, is unsustainable in the long run. It leads to crankiness, exhaustion and burn-out. It's also not the greatest energy to bring to a partnership. Downtime (yin) is a necessity. So I've been working on inviting more yin in.

How I'm welcoming more yin energy

  • I'm meditating, every morning, for about 10 minutes. It's calming and helps me to be aware of what's going on inside my head. Journaling is great too.
  • I'm going outside and putting my feet in the grass a few times a day.
  • I took a three hour nap the other day! I am not normally one who naps...
  • I'm taking more time to play with my puppies.
  • I'm watching some funny clips on youtube! (Lesson: not everything needs to be productive.)
  • Taking more time to enjoy and savour 'yin' activities, such as taking a bath, reading, cooking, and hanging out with girlfriends.

A note on polarity

Polarity is all about opposites attracting. So if you're in a relationship, take note of who is more 'yin' and who is more 'yang'. The idea is, as long as there's polarity, there's attraction. It's fine (and normal) for these roles to swap around at times depending on circumstances. Have a play around with this energy. In my experience, when I embody more yin energy, and allow my man to be more yang, things go much more smoothly :)

Is the yin and yang balanced in your life and work? I'd love to know! And if you've got any tips please share...

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