Pricing, packaging and picking ideas: an interview with Kate Byrne

Alana Wimmer and Kate Byrne

I've got a pretty special interview for you today, with uber clever business coach Kate Byrne. 

She was my mentor for six months, and it's fair to say I fell a little in love with her and that infatuation has continued. She's smart as a whip, really funny, and crazy-good at making big ideas seem do-able and business seem simpler.

In our interview, we chat about:

  • Pricing for entrepreneurs - how to do it, and what factors you should consider
  • Choosing what to offer when you're a multi-passionate with a gazillion ideas
  • How to create a cohesive suite of offers that makes sense and serves your clients
  • How to start on those 'blue sky projects' - you know, the big ones - and move forward to make them real
  • Whether newsreaders only wear boxer shorts from the waist down.

All the important topics are covered ;)

I hope you enjoy! (Listen here or download for later).

If you feel like this is the time to start playing bigger online, getting your services perfected, structuring your business in a way that is sustainable and soulful, and joining a likeminded group of smart entrepreneurs, Kate's eCourse Packaging You could be for you (and I hope that it is! Clarity, connection and more cash - the happy biz trifecta). I've been a student of this course myself so I can vouch for it's awesomeness. It really assisted me in clarifying my business model and my signature eBook Design service and I'm delighted to be an affiliate. 

Here's what I love:

  • Really smart, BS-free advice from Kate (she made over $300k in her first year of business).
  • Straight-to-the-point modules with minimal reading, and a whole lotta action - you dive right in to making changes that will bring results (including strategic interactive worksheets that I loved). This is one of the first eCourses I've ever taken that didn't leave me feeling like I was falling behind.
  • The Facebook community is full of genuine, encouraging peeps in all stages of business, from start ups to 6 figures +. Sometimes blogging or online business it can feel so isolating. From the get-go there's a safe, encouraging space to ask questions, share wins (and tough stuff) and get advice, sometimes within minutes!
  • Gorgeous branding and a really nice online experience in general (hey, I'm a designer, I notice these things!)

You can connect with Kate at Betty Means Business.

I'd love to hear from you - what did you get out of this interview? Which parts of Kate's advice about narrowing down ideas, packaging, and what to charge can you apply to your business?

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