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A critical component of building your online business is growing your email list. Creating a compelling opt-in email offer is essential to growing your tribe. This email list should be made up of people who are genuinely interested in you and what you have to offer: your target market. Your ideal customers and readers.

That’s why your opt-in offer (what you use to entice people to join your email list) needs to be unique, highly relevant to your business and of real value to your ideal clients. If people are on your site, checking you out, they are already interested – you need to give them a compelling reason to sign up. What’s valuable? Something that saves them time, money, pain, or makes their life easier, better or more beautiful. It also needs to be damn high quality. Proofed, designed, and worth paying for. Why would you give away something so valuable for free, you may ask?

  • Because it shows you’re serious about helping people.
  • Because it builds trust with readers.
  • Because it’s a genuine thank you in return for a reader’s contact details.
  • Because it’s an ad for your business. You’re showing people the quality of what they will receive if they go on to work with you.

So, what should you offer? Here are a few ideas:

  1. A sneak peek or preview of a paid product – like a free chapter or lesson
  2. A smaller version of a paid product – like a 3 day meal plan
  3. Something which compliments a service you offer 
  4. Useful templates – like a product launch worksheet or a calendar
  5. Inspirational printables – like quotes or illustrations
  6. A mini eCourse – like 5 days of video coaching
  7. A discount – like 10% off their next purchase
  8. A VIP offer – like first dibs on tickets
  9. An eBook or workbook – like a recipe book or marketing plan

How do you choose which is right for you? Think about what you currently offer your readers or customers (as in content as well as services or products). What is popular? What do they comment on most, or ask questions about? What would you love to create? What would be the perfect compliment to a service you provide? How can you genuinely help? Brainstorm a list then narrow it down to one – and get cracking. The best opt-ins are win-win – you get details from ideal customers, and the customers receive something they need and want in return.  P.S. Tricking people is icky. Don’t do that. It’s of no use to have people on your list that don’t care about you or your products. Be genuine. Offer genuine value. Get genuine sign-ups.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

What’s the best opt-in email offer you’ve seen around the interwebs? And the worst? We wanna hear it! And, if you found this useful, pretty please share this post :)

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