How to create eBooks that sell like hotcakes

EBooks that sell like hotcakes-

It's no secret that I am probably the world's biggest fan of eBooks. I mean, I design them for a living and love it every day! So I do have a unique insight into what makes one eBook succeed more than another.

I'd love to share the common themes I've observed among successful eBook authors here with you today.

1. They have a loyal readership (i.e. superfans!)

What better way to give your eBook the chance of success than to launch it to a crowd who can't wait to get their hands on it? Nurturing your audience by consistently offering them value and genuinely interacting with them means when it comes time for you to release your paid product, they'll be itching to buy. Yes, a bigger audience does convert to more sales: that is just maths. But don't be discouraged: you don't need a huge readership to have a successful launch. Just a devoted one.

2. They involve their audience in the process

People love to feel important and like their opinion matters. So ask your tribe what they want. Give them the choice to vote on the eBook topic, different title options, or different covers. Give them sneak peeks during the writing, design and launch processes. Let them behind the scenes. If they feel like they had a part in your product, they will be more attached and proud of the outcome, which can translate to sales. 

3. They listen to their audience & implement their ideas

Following on from tip 2, don't just ask for their opinion - use that info to create the eBook your readers are asking for! You have an incredible resource at your fingertips - use their responses as market research and craft your product around it. 

4. They make it look as good as possible

Packaging matters, and digital products are no different. The most successful eBooks I've seen have been beautifully designed. Great design speaks to the right audience, draws more eyes to your message, gets shared (regrammed, repinned) more, sparks more conversation and referrals, and leads to more sales. If you can afford it, hire a designer - for the entire project, or just the cover and promotional graphics - or have a go at DIY. It's worth it.

5. They create a sense of urgency

Host an exclusive presale, early bird discount, or limited edition bonus to cultivate a sense of urgency. Often when we come across things we like the look of online, we think 'I'll come back to that later' but as we all know, we forget to come back! By creating a limited time offer, it entices readers to click 'buy now'.

6. They have a sexy sales page

Sales pages don't need to be epically long-winded or involved; especially for an eBook. But they do need to be attractive, informative and give a clear list of the benefits of your eBook. How will it help them? What problem is it going to solve? Why will their life be improved after reading it? A sneak peek of a few inside pages helps too. And make sure there is a crystal clear BUY NOW button (or two).

7.  They proactively get the word out

Send advance copies to people in similar fields to you in return for some testimonials (great social proof for your sales page!). Offer yourself for interviews on other sites and blogs. Create a helpful blog post series, and offer to guess post for others. Ask your blogging friends to mention it in their social media. If you are ready to take it up a notch, create an affiliate program so more people will talk about your eBook (for a nice cash incentive). Also, don't let this effort end on launch day - successful eBook authors keep up the promotions into the future.

I hope this list has been helpful!

Got questions about eBooks? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below and I will make sure to answer them.

Alana xo

P.S. Here is an actual recipe for churros with caramel sauce. You're welcome.

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