How to get over your fear and get your product out there!

You've got ideas. You've got notepads (or Evernotes) full of scribbled musings and possibilities. You may have even written half an article, an outline for an eCourse, or an entire eBook.

So what's stopping you from finishing it, prettying it up and getting it out there?

One word: fear.

It could be fear of a million things.

Fear that you won't finish this project. 

Fear that your knowledge isn't worth sharing.

Fear that what you want to share has already been done, and you have nothing new to add. 

Fear that it's not good enough.

Fear that no-one will buy it. 

Fear that it will be a flop, you'll look silly and feel exposed.

Here's five ways to help you get over that fear and get your product out there! 

1. Ensure your product addresses a need.

When assessing your product ideas, it's good to ask yourself, what need does this product address? What is my target market? Are they the people who are currently my customers or blog readers? What questions do people ask me a lot?

If you've got knowledge that other people need and want to know about, and you can package it in a smart way to make it accessible, you're golden.

2. Only launch products with integrity that align perfectly to your values (and brand).

People seriously crave authenticity, truth and integrity. Create products based around what you know, believe in and (really, truly) love. When you launch something from the heart, you'll have put your best into it, and it will shine through. Some of your fear will naturally dissipate when you are 100% behind your product.

3.  Ask for input and feedback.

If your fear is that your product is not good enough, there's nothing wrong with asking for peers to give it a read through and offer you constructive feedback. Getting a fresh perspective is a confidence boost. Ask your readers for feedback using a free SurveyMonkey survey. It's also common practice to send a few copies of an as-yet-unpublished eBook to other bloggers within an industry in exchange for advice and perhaps a testimonial.

4. Get help!

Don't feel like you need to do this alone! There are a ton of online (and offline) entrepreneur support groups around. Reach out! Maybe you need a kick-ass coder to make your eCourse as rad as possible. Hire a proofreader or a graphic designer, if it's not your strong suit and helps you feel more confident in your project. Get a Virtual Assistant to take over some day-to-day tasks and allow you to put 100% into the project. Do what comes naturally, delegate the rest.

5. Do it anyway.

Oldest fear advice in the book: do it anyway. For reals. If you truly believe in your product, put it out there! See what happens. The world needs to hear what you've got to say!!

I'd love to hear from you. Do you have ideas and unfinished projects in the works? What's ONE THING you can do today to get one of those projects closer to being released? Leave me a comment below!

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