My Favourite Small Business Blogs + Podcasts

Black woman listening podcast phone earphones.jpg

The longer I'm immersed in this online-small-business-entrepreneurial bubble, the more amazing, fabulous, inspiring people, blogs and resources I find. 

But don't worry, I won't keep them to myself. 

'Cause when you're starting out, it feels lonely and confusing and you don't know where to look, or always have the moolah to pay for the best advice (although in my opinion there's nothing more powerful than investing in coaching to put a firecracker under your butt - but that's a story for another time).

So without further ado, here are my fave free online business resources at the mo'.


The Middle Finger Project. Do I need to specify language warning on this website? Hilarious, ass-kicking, no BS biz and life advice from Ash "Go big or go cry to your mother" Ambirge. Not particularly safe for work.

Kat Loterzo. Read a few of this $50k/month business maven's blogs and you'll be realising all your reasons for not publishing/earning/going big are total crap. And she gives away a heap of valuable info for free. Motivation plus.

Alexandra Franzen. Her calming advice will remind you that life is really quite simple, words don't have to be confusing, and you can just stop doing what doesn't feel good. (Case in point: she runs a super successful online biz without social media. Amaze.)

Marie Forleo. Total online business gun. Former hip-hop choreographer. Creator of the legendary B-school. Posts amazing free videos every week. I watch 'em over breakfast. Enough back catalogue to last you through many bowls of oats.


I am a total noob in the world of Podcasts, but just a few weeks of listening has got me hooked. I am SURE I will uncover more things to listen to in the coming months, but here are my current faves:

The Lively Show. Business. Lifestyle. Food. All of the things. It's upbeat, informative and has great guests!

Lady Business Radio. Really interesting interviews with entrepreneurial ladies, with questions outside the norm. 

DO TELL: Did you know about these ladies? Finding them helpful? Any others you could recommend to me? Let me know in the comments :)