"I'm Not A Writer" and other BS excuses not to start creating your masterpiece

Excuses, fears, inadequacies, limiting beliefs... call them what you want, they're BS and they're standing between you and where you want to be.

"I'm Not A Writer"

Well, if you have a basic grasp on language and know how to use a pen or a keyboard, you can write. Just write it how you'd speak - no need for fancy language. Still worried? Get a friend or hire a copywriter to polish it up afterwards.

"It's Been Done Before"

Not by you, it hasn't. Not with your worldview, wisdom, experience, and trademark witticism.

"I'm Not Experienced Enough"

So write the first edition. Write a follow up next year when you have "enough" experience.

"I Don't Have The Time"

How long would it really take? 15 minutes a day? A week off work? 6 months of Sundays? Is that worth it, to you, to publish your passion?

"It Won't Be Good Enough"

Perfection is not only overrated, it's impossible. And a curse. You can recover from perfectionism - there's a lot of great stuff written about it - do a quick online search and implement the suggestions. 

"People Might Not Like It"

Yeah - it could be a flop. It could be wildly successful. More than likely it will be somewhere in between, helping a number of people to make their lives better. And isn't that the point?

"I Have No Idea What I Want To Write/Create/Talk About"

Brainstorm. Make a list of what people ask you about. Download the free mini idea workbook for clarity. Ask yourself what you most want to say.

"I'm Not Sure That's What I Want To Write/Create/Talk About Any More"

That's cool. Change your mind. There are no rules :)

Got any other BS excuses floating around in that noggin of yours? Confess them in the comments, and I'll give you a mini butt kick! 

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