What is an eBook and How Can it Help Build My Business?

What exactly is an eBook?

An eBook is a book in electronic form (Electronic-Book, like email is Electronic-Mail). It's a digitally designed document most commonly distributed in PDF, ePub, or Mobi formats.

An eBook can be a digital version of a published hard copy book, or a stand alone product, which is becoming increasingly popular. As more smart devices, tablets, computers and Kindles are purchased, more people are enjoying reading eBooks than ever before. In fact Amazon reports that eBook sales have surpassed printed book sales annually since 2011.

There are a lot of advantages to digital publishing:

  • It's eco-friendly (no paper or ink required!)
  • It costs less to produce (no pricy printing) so offers higher profit margins
  • The time from creation to launch is faster
  • You can reach people in all corners of the globe
  • You don't need a publishing deal - eBooks can be created by anyone!
  • If you still might want a printed version, you can use a print-on-demand service; no spare rooms crammed with boxes of unused books required! (Perfect for digital nomads!)

Why would I want to create an eBook?

Make no mistake about it - even though I've outlined the advantages above, it still takes effort to create a valuable eBook. Planning, researching, writing, editing, designing, publishing, marketing, launching, customer service... it's quite a project.

But if that doesn't put you off (and it shouldn't - I promise it's totally do-able), there are great benefits to be gained, including:

  • Increased revenue. eBooks and other digital products are a smart way to create extra income streams through your blog or business. You could reach that oft-mentioned nirvana of making money in your sleep.
  • Reach and help more people. You only have so many hours in a day, and chances are you can't personally answer every question and coach every candidate that comes your way. Creating an eBook means more readers can access you and your wisdom in an easy and low cost way. Plus, happy readers could become premium customers down the track.
  • Build your credibility. Publishing a book shines a light on your expertise, helps to grow your reputation, and offers social proof that you are legit. 
  • Grow your email list. You might decide to offer your eBook for free (or maybe just a free sneak peek) as an incentive for readers to subscribe to your email list.

OK, sounds pretty great. But how do I create an eBook?

Check out all of our eBook resources here at Raspberry Stripes - and get writing!