Why You Need To Care About Graphic Design

The internet is CROWDED.

I am sure you have experienced the online black hole phenomena (clickety-clicking all over the internet until... oops I can't remember the thing I was going to do/see/buy anymore!). Obviously, you don't want that to happen to your readers or customers. You want to stop them in their tracks. You want their eyeballs on your website. Or your sales page.

The reality is, we are impatient, easily-bored and we like pretty things. That's why we need to care about graphic design. (Click to tweet this!)

You only have to take a cursory glance at any magazine, catalogue or television show to see how invested we are in how things look. In fact, we care so much, we make decisions whether to read, eat or purchase something based almost purely on looks. Covers literally sell books.

So choosing to invest in graphic design makes sense.

Investing in graphic design for your brand, site and eBook/s means you look professional, trustworthy and serious. It organises and packages your information beautifully to deliver it in the most impactful way possible, to as many people as possible. It increases your product's value. It shows you believe in what you are putting out there. If you invest in your eBook, it increases the chances your audience will, too. 

Good design makes your product more likely to be recognised, talked about and spread on social media (which is insanely valuable for driving traffic to your website!). When you pour your heart, soul, knowledge and integrity into your product, the last thing you want is a flop because people just don't get close enough to find out how great it is. It's kinda like dating - you need to present yourself well to attract potential mates, and then they find out about your winning personality.

Likewise, how a product makes a customer feel matters. Does yours make them feel luxurious, knowledgeable, happy, calm, well-looked-after, motivated? Like they made a good investment? Like they can't wait to buy from you again?

I'd love to hear from you in the comments below: What have you purchased purely because it looked irresistible?

Photo via unsplash.

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