I just want to be helpful + happy. What about you?

My business is just me. 

At times I've had a virtual assistant and a bookkeeper. I've also got a coach. But at its core, it's just this moi, and a laptop.

And for me, this is the perfect business model.

I'm not interested in having employees, or building an empire.

That doesn't mean I'm not ambitious, or a small thinker. On the contrary, creating and running my own business for almost two years now has taken a lot of ambition and dedication. And I do have big plans for where it will go. But those plans don't include office space or staff meetings. 

They include luxuries like sustainable income, more free time, and happy and well-looked-after clients. Producing great work and useful blog posts. Contributing to worthwhile causes. Savouring life.

Because I just want to be helpful and happy.

So if you're concerned that your business isn't growing, or that you 'should' have several employees by now, or that you haven't cracked the magical six figures, or that you haven't been on Oprah yet - just check in with yourself whether that's what you really want.

(And it's totally cool if it is!)

I'd love to know: what does your helpful and happy look like?

Alana Wimmer1 Comment