Work(sheet) it, baby! Why you should add worksheets to your next eBook

Work(sheet) it baby - Raspberry Stripes.jpg

If you're writing a non-fiction eBook - something instructional and educational, where you impart your wisdom and teach what you know - it can be a great idea to include worksheets.

One of the best ways to learn is to work through a process yourself. Just like a teacher explains a concept, then asks the students to try it for themselves, including interactive pages in your eBook allows your readers to put your ideas into action.

After all, encouraging people to implement is the aim of the game!

What do worksheets look like?

Anything from thoughtful questions with room for answers, checklists, pages to brainstorm or draw, journalling prompts, to calendars and planners. Whatever makes sense in the context of your copy, and what your readers will find superbly helpful.

But it's a digital book. How do people fill out the worksheets?

There's two options here.

Firstly, readers can print them out. Old school style. Plenty of people still love working with pen and paper, so it's worth considering. To minimise loss of trees, you can mention which pages are to be printed in the introduction - for example, "Printable worksheets are located on pages 15, 22, 45, and 49." 

Secondly, you can create those worksheets as interactive, fillable digital pages. This means readers can type directly onto their copy of the PDF eBook, and save it to their device. This saves paper, and is also convenient for those who don't have access to a printer, or who purchase an eBook on a device like a tablet.

How is it "fillable"? Using Adobe Acrobat Pro, you can add text boxes and check boxes to a PDF document, so that when someone opens it, they are prompted to fill out those parts. 

Sound too hard? Creating fillable worksheets is included in our tailored eBook design service.

Do you find worksheets helpful or homework-y? What about your readers? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below :)