8 Ways to Supercharge Your eBook Sales

You've written, edited, polished, designed, and launched your eBook; but the work doesn't stop there. Unless you have an audience in the multiple-tens-of-thousands or more (in which case you've probably got marketing pretty much covered - tell me your secrets immediately), the success of your eBook totally depends on letting people know it exists and why they will benefit from it.

A huge drawcard for writing an eBook is the exciting formula of write once: sell many times (oh, that enticing passive income!). But the real equation, the one that comes before the many sales, is write once: market many times.

You can’t expect to just write and have visitors come to you. That’s too passive.
— Anita Campbell

The key is to market without driving yourself or your audience crazy. Forgo reposting the same tweet daily or bombarding people with carbon copied newsletters. Here's a few refreshing ways to make those sales:

  1. Get in touch with a few online peers with complimentary eBooks or products and see if they're interested in creating a bundle offer. Readers love getting a bargain (such as half price off each book for purchasing the bundle) and you'll gain exposure to new customers.
  2. Create a 14 or 21 day challenge to draw interest to your site and the eBook. Think: a free automated eCourse, social media prompts, or mini interviews with experts in your field. Offer participants a special price or an exclusive bonus if they purchase at the end of the challenge.
  3. Contact bloggers or businesses you admire and whose audiences are similar to your target market (but not in direct competition) and offer them a free copy for review, and a few to give away.  
  4. Host a live Q & A session ('webinar') and invite callers who already own and love your book. It's a nice thank you to your customers, and you get an insight into what your readers need to know (good for future projects!). Record it and offer it as a bonus with future purchases.
  5. Gather Skype or video testimonials from some of your biggest fans and cut it together into one super testimonial to rule them all. 
  6. Instead of just a flash sale, have a flash gift day! Promise an extra something for each sale on your chosen day, like a handwritten thank you note in the post (depending on sales volume of course) or a second digital product.
  7. Ask someone to be your ambassador/guinea pig and commit to what you teach in your eBook, and blog about their results. Or, if you know of someone who has already done amazing things from what they learned, you could feature them as a case study on your website.
  8. Run a competition to win a consultation or coaching session with you to pick your brain/get a personalised plan, if they purchase your eBook within the specified period and share their purchase on social media.

I hope you find these marketing tips fun, friendly and effective! Selling can be tricky, especially in a heart-centred and conscious business, but it does still need to be done. I'd love to know, what ways do you use marketing that benefits both you and your customers/readers? What do you think you might try this year?

Alana x