6 Tips To Make Money Publishing eBooks

6 Tips To Make Money Selling eBooks - Raspberry Stripes

Creating digital products like eBooks is a super smart way to make money, share your knowledge with a wide audience of people who want to hear it, increase your credibility, get your name out there, and offer a lower-priced way for customers to work with you and learn to trust and love you!

But how do you maximise money making?

1. Build up your email list.

Yep, you've read this everywhere, because it's true. Treat your subscribers like a treasured pot of gold because they're a targeted list of wonderful people who already like you and are curious about what you can do for them. Offer relevant freebies, send newsletters full of real value, make them feel awesome and give them first dibs on sales and discounts. Social media comes and goes - the list is forever.

2. Create quickly and efficiently.

Every time you sit down to work on your eBook, that's a few hours or days of work that you want to be paid for when it goes on sale. Did your eBook take 2 days to create? A week? A month full time or 6 months at an hour a day? Consider your hourly rate and what that eBook "owes" you in terms of wages. It pays (literally) to be efficient when in creation mode. (Note: of course don't compromise on quality - just don't stuff around.)

3. Make sure it looks good!

People like beautiful things! Create a masterpiece that people will naturally gravitate towards and want to know more about. Invest in the design, promotional images, and the sales page. On a super tight budget? Make sure at least the cover is spectacular. Covers really do sell books. 

4. Launch quickly and efficiently.

There's a whole science behind successful launches - build anticipation, get people talking, have a rocking sales page, offer an intro special, etc. But don't get caught up in that stuff and use it as an ongoing reason to delay launch. An eBook that's launched is always making more money than one sitting on your hard drive!

5. Offer an affiliate program.

Offering to pay other bloggers 40% of each sale in return for advertising on their site can seem a bit steep after all your hard work, but remember - their audience is different from your audience, and these are customers you would not have reached otherwise. Increasing sales plus sharing the wealth is fun! Win-win.

6. Keep up the momentum after launch.

You want a strong launch, sure, but you also want your eBook to keep on selling. Don't let it languish in your sidebar. Mention it in your blogs (when natural to do so), add a little promo in your weekly newsletter, offer copies for review or giveaway, have a flash sale, post excerpts as blog posts, post testimonials or great feedback, advertise, etc.

Sneaky extra tip No. 7. REPEAT!

Get started on your next eBook and do it all again.