5 Ways to Boost Your Instagram Following!

Instagram is by far the most popular platform for Raspberry Magazine. Yes, it's a place to look at gorgeous food flatlays and travel porn, but it's also a legit business tool that can be used to connect with your tribe, encourage engagement, and make money in your business.

With a following of around 1150 on my personal account and 2450+ on my Raspberry Magazine account, I am certainly not the queen of Instagram (just yet) but I sure do have a delightful group of savvy women interacting with me daily, and it's growing at a steady rate. Here are five tips I've learned so far:

1. Get clear on your signature style. 
We post interesting excerpts from the magazine, inspirational office-scapes (including nomadic laptop lifestyles), and drool-worthy work snacks. Our signature colours are black, white and bold pink. Following this tried and true formula on most days means our followers know what to expect and our feed looks lovely and well-curated. It also makes it much easier to plan content!

2. Create shareable content.
Having people share your content is one of the best ways to gain more followers. So, create and feature easily shareable images. We take quotes from each magazine issue and place them on pretty backgrounds - more often than not, the interviewee quoted will share it on their feed! We use Photoshop to do this, but you can use PicMonkey, Canva, or any number of smart phone apps to place text over images.

3. Use hashtags - carefully.
Some people love hashtags, some people hate them, some people don't understand them (hey mum!). But they can be useful - if you use them wisely. Use them to track a brand or movement (such as #raspberrymagazine or #perfectlyimperfectVG), a place, or specific attributes. I recommend staying away from the usual vague suspects e.g. #love #freedom #workingfromhome - you'll just attract spam and the wrong kind of followers.

4. Be an active participant.
Ask questions. Comment on photos. Leave lots of likes. Respond to comments on your own images. Just like a real life room full of people, the more you make contact, the more friends you'll make!

5. Be strategic about where you direct traffic.
Instagram works differently to other platforms - there's no immediately clickable links, and people are generally not inclined to click away when they're having a leisurely scroll. So don't ask often, and when you do ask, be super duper clear: "Click the link in my profile!"

Make your profile link work hard for you - direct it to a dedicated opt-in page (my first preference), your latest blog post, specific product for sale or use Linktree to link to several pages at once. Keep a tab on your Instagram stats (if you've got a biz account) to keep track on what is working for you.