5 Reasons Why You Need To Create An eBook (like, today)

As someone who is constantly immersed in all things eBooks (designing them, reading them, writing them, studying them), I gotta tell ya:

If you are running an online business where you impart information, you need to be offering an eBook. (Click to tweet this!)

Here are five reasons why:

1. People want access to what you know.

If you are running a biz online, more than likely you are an expert (or becoming an expert) in a particular niche. Do you continuously get emails asking for advice? Do people pick your brain at dinner parties? That knowledge is worth something. Package it.

2. It makes you look like an expert.

Speaking of you becoming an expert, writing and producing your own eBook is a surefire way to increase your credibility online. Totally profesh. Plus, you can add 'author' to your bio. That's pretty rad.

3. It offers people (another) way to work with you.

Perhaps you're a coach or a copywriter or you run online courses. More than likely, your offerings, while totally worthy, can be seen as expensive by some. By creating a lower priced offering, like an eBook, you are creating a way for people to 'work with you' and access your brilliant wealth of knowledge, even if they are not currently in the money. BONUS TIP: This means you are also reaching more people. Spread your message far and wide!

4. Speaking of money, eBooks make you money.

Passive income is a beautiful thing. If you currently get paid only for the hours you work, you are well aware there are only so many hours in a day/week/year. That puts a cap on your earnings. However, by creating a product like an eBook, that money can trickle in while you sleep. #Winning.

5. It gives you leverage to be superbly generous.

You can do whatever you like with your eBook! Donate a portion of the proceedings to a charity close to your heart. Use it as a free opt-in offer on your site. Give away 5 copies on your birthday. Offer it free to your best clients. Or offer it free to those who need it most. You choose.

I'd LOVE to hear from you - what one thing are you going to do today towards creating an eBook of your own?

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