Pitch yourself in the face of fear

By Kerri Walker.

Having the confidence to put yourself ‘out there’ to try and raise your profile can be a little frightening. So much so that it often leads us to not do it at all. Putting your face, voice or name into the world is a huge step for some business owners.

PR is a great way for businesses of all shapes and sizes to spread their message and raise awareness of their brand. Positioning yourself as an expert in your field naturally leads to more sales.

Good PR and brand awareness enables you to become the person TV shows call when they need someone to talk about your specialist subject, or asked on the radio for your opinion on the news, or included in someone’s book, or asked to write articles: the list goes on. If this is a dream of yours, it’s important to work on your mindset to recognise any mental blocks that may get in the way.

But what if people don’t like me? What if people think I don’t know what I’m talking about? What if people think I’m a fraud? These thoughts are so common. To help combat this, I’m sharing my tips to gain confidence in raising your business profile.

Journal: what’s the worst that could happen?

What is the worst that could happen from sending a pitch? Really?

Perhaps they ignore your email or say no, not this time? That’s not really that bad, is it?

When you’re pondering an opportunity to promote yourself, write down the three worst-case scenarios. This might be rejection, embarrassment or feeling ignored.

Then consider what would happen if they said yes. Write down three bad things that could happen as a result of being featured. This may seem unusual, but many of us harbour big fears around being seen. You may be surprised about what comes up for you. Maybe it’s: I won’t have the capacity to take on more work, I’ll be too stressed, I’ll chicken out.

If makes you uncomfortable, do it anyway

As one-woman operations, we usually are our brand and the face of our business. It’s normal and ok to be afraid of being seen. Much like any fear, it’s what you then do about it that counts. Are you going to hide away or are you going to face the fear, put on your big girl pants and go for it?!

Imposter Syndrome (the fear that you are really a fraud) is a real thing. We often try to downplay our expertise and awesomeness as women… don’t. Own your expertise! These icky feelings come up from time to time for everybody, but they can be kept at bay by continually facing that fear and putting yourself out there anyway.

Can’t face it yourself? Ask for help

If you’re loving the idea of PR but still don’t think you’re quite there yet to do it yourself, you can always ask your VA or assistant to do some pitching for you.

Someone reaching out on your behalf won’t have worries about rejection and might be the push you need to get out there. Make a list of where you’d love to be featured and let them get to work. You’ll only have to hear the good news!


Kerri Walker, PR Consultant & Publicity Coach

PR consultancy and coaching for business owners setting sail on the voyage to raise their business profile. From all hands on deck PR and marketing consultancy to showing you the ropes through PR coaching and training.

Kerri is not part of the corporate rat race and is certainly not about huge corporations piling on pressure… she's been there, got the whole wardrobe of t-shirts. She get results using a proven relaxed approach from her seaside base in the UK.

Day-to-day you can find Kerri in her home office sourcing juicy media coverage opportunities for clients, hosting coaching calls, writing her next book, picnicking at the beach with her son or binge watching her latest find on Netflix.