Too busy to create killer content? Here's how to make it happen

By Jo Gifford.

It shows off your expertise. It highlights your authority. It bags you the sales you’re aiming for.

Despite knowing all this (because we do all know this), so many small businesses avoid creating digital content.

The playing field of content creation can be scary, and it can be overwhelming. Almost daily we see new advice, new apps, new platforms, new “gurus”... it’s a lot to deal with.

How can you, as a one-woman solopreneur, cut through all the noise and create some seriously impactful content (without chaining yourself to your laptop, or downing yet another Red Bull)?

Remember, your audience is already telling you exactly what they need from you.

All you have to do is pay attention.

Collect your most frequently asked questions, screengrab relevant Facebook discussions, and make a note of comments left on your competitors' blog posts.

All of these snippets can help you to create nail-on-the-head content for your peeps.

Stop procrastinating over your visuals.

In a former life, I was a graphic designer. I still have access to a whole bunch of fancy schmancy design software, but guess what: I don’t use any of it.

I use free tools like Canva and Adobe Spark to create all the visuals for my digital content. They’re filled with easy-to-customise templates that will save you a hell of a lot of time, blood, sweat and tears.

Say it straight.

That blank page can be paralysing. Sometimes, people find it easier to get in the flow when they’re talking out loud.

Try using your smartphone to record yourself speaking, and get the audio transcribed through Rev.

I like to use this trick whenever I’m out and about running errands - then all I need to do is give the transcription a quick sense check before hitting 'publish'.

Automate your research.

I’m a sucker for a smart tech hack. My favourite tool of all is IFTTT - I like to use it to streamline my content research, and send the data straight into my swipe file.

I start out by creating Twitter lists filled with influencers that focus on particular topics in my niche. I then scroll these feeds, favoriting relevant tweets. IFTTT sends all of these tweets straight over to Evernote, where I can review them at a later date.

I’ve also set up a series of Google Alerts for key terms in my field, so that I receive a nice digest of relevant articles in my inbox.

Look outside of yourself.

User-generated content is big right now. In non-marketing-jargon, that means that you can leverage your raving fans and happy customers to create great content for your biz.

●Crowd source some opinions on your favourite social platform, and embed them in a blog post.

●Using Call Recorder for Skype, interview some of your lovely clients, and turn the audio into a case study.

●Ask your customers to share snaps of your products in use, and cascade that imagery across your social media channels.

No matter your niche, you can create content that draws people towards you and your business.


Jo Gifford helps entrepreneurs plan, create, and amplify killer content to magnetise clients and ramp up their biz. @killercontentAC