You can do this - a pep talk for change-makers


Beautiful one,

You can do this.

This thing,

that is giving you an excited feeling,

that is just a twinkle in your mind’s eye.

It is calling you.

It is yours,

and you are exactly where you need to be right now,

to make it work.

You are the woman for this (amazing, audacious, incredible) job.

You have precisely the right amount of grit to know how to do this.

You have

the experience,

the wisdom,

the passion,

the frustration,

the time (even if your head says you don’t),

the heart,

and the humility

to pull this off.

You are the one people need to hear this from.

Because you are so intertwined with the reality of it,

the humanity of it.

With the raw, real feeling of it.

All the challenges, all the suffering, all the self-doubt has been the perfect preparation for you to be right here, right now.

You have the experience that is needed to touch people.

This is why people need this from YOU.

And they need you to pull it off

to help them,

to heal them,

to guide them,

to inspire them,

to get them unstuck and

to show them that it is possible for a human person to do this kind of thing.

You know, the only thing standing between you and this thing happening

(And doing it really, really well, btw),

is your belief in yourself.

Yet, you do believe in yourself.

You do.

Yes, there are fears and doubts.

Yes, there are moments where you lose that belief,

where you can't see it, feel it or touch it.

But those moments pass,

and beneath them, deep in your core

there is a quiet, confident knowing about this.

That this is right.

That this is precisely what you can do.

It is what your soul is yearning for you to do.

It is what you have been magnetised towards from the beginning of time.

It has always been this and you.

So today,

just hang out in the vibration of trusting this path.

Let it feel good to know that it is coming.

And just do that little thing,

that little step that is doable.

Chip away at creating this dream.

This is going to take some time, but that is okay.

It is you showing up day after day

that is going to get you to trusting it and making it happen. 

You believe in you.

You believe in this path.

You have got this.

Your heart x


Nicole Mathieson is a kinesiologist, life coach and presenter. Nicole’s work focuses on making the shift from head to heart consciousness. She helps her clients out of their noisy, negative heads and back into their courageous hearts, which shifts their reality, their experience of the world and most importantly, their capacity to believe in themselves. The key to healing for Nicole is understanding that our hearts are more expansive, more powerful, more capable and a whole lot more radiant than we give them credit for. Go to for Nicole's top 4 steps to move from the head to the heart, as well as her heart empowering online program "The 30-day shift from head to heart".