To rebrand or not to rebrand?


By Monika Berry

Your website is your online home, so it is only natural to want to refresh the decor once in a while.

But when a small refresh isn't working anymore, and it morphs into website shame, it might just be time for a rebrand.

The word rebrand comes into play when your business is growing beyond its old style and messages, and needs to realign with your ideal customer.

Think of your business as a person. It sets goals, changes fashion styles, develops and expands. Imagine yourself wearing the same outfit or hairstyle as 3 years ago. I bet it wouldn't be the same as today (and, if it is, does it look tired or are you bored with it?)

Let’s clarify something important - there is a big difference between a trendy brand and a long lasting one. Changing your brand to the current trend will just make you blend in with the rest of the pack, so be true to your own signature style and stick with it.

If you’re feeling a bit disconnected to your brand, ask yourself these questions:

Is my brand a true reflection of my services and core messages?

When you land on your website or social media channels, is it clear from a first glance what you do? And what your ideal client can expect to feel when they work with you? Your words, images and theme of your site should speak directly to your dream client, so they instantly resonate with your message and click that ‘work with me’ button.

Are my graphics and photos aligned with my signature style?

What you put out into the world under your business name is a direct reflection of your brand. So, if you spend your time sharing other brands’ images, you are giving them free advertising and losing the opportunity to elevate your own brand. The ultimate goal is to be recognizable, before your logo or business name is even seen. Whenever you are posting to your page, remember quality over quantity.

Are my social media posts valuable to my followers?

Think of Instagram like the mood board for your business, and Facebook like a platform for your core messages. Is there a clear vibe to your feed? Or is it a mixture of regrammed images or even worse, pixelated screenshots of a quote you found a few months ago. Regramming is totally ok, but just remember, if this is your way of sharing inspiration, you are doing nothing for your own brand, you are only marketing other peoples images.

If you are sharing your own images, is there a valuable message behind them? A lesson for your followers, or some inspiration? The main point here is that you aren’t just posting your morning coffee for the sake of it. Even though 47,659,727 #coffee images disagree.

Am I making a profit from my business?

Running your own business potentially means limitless earning potential. For each person success looks very different. For me, it is not necessarily based on revenue, but we all have bills to pay and, if you’re like me, kids to raise.

But you might only be a few tweaks away from reaching (or exceeding) your goals! By tweaks I mean getting crystal clear on your brand strategy and building foundations for solid growth.

Am I proud of my website or should I join Website Shame Anonymous?

This is a biggie. I have worked with so many clients who are suffering from website shame. Some of them even felt uncomfortable telling people about their website! That is not good in a world of growing online businesses!

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you need an entire rebrand. Perhaps a few tweaks or a refresh is in order.

I teamed up with Kate Toholka, a business strategist, to bring you Botox for your Rebrand, to guide you in the early stages of a rebrand, to give your brand a refresh and to see if you need to delve a little further in to truly elevate your brand.


Monika Berry is the Creative Director at MB Captured, specialising in branding + wedding photography. Monika has had years of experience behind the camera capturing the true essence of lady bosses around Australia, as well as experience in branding design. She recently launched The Rebrand, an online training program, alongside Kate Toholka for big-hearted business owners ready to take their brand to the next level.