How a microwave timer saved my business and family time


By Vanessa Kromer

Are you a busy working mother or business woman? I get it! After several years of juggling working from home and taking care of five daughters and a husband, I finally found the secret sauce to time management and keeping on task throughout the day.

My microwave timer.

Using a planner for scheduling wasn’t keeping me on track. I implemented a back up system by introducing my Google calendar as well. Using both systems covers paper, cell phone and email. However, I kept getting caught up in what I was doing and almost missed the bus stop pick up more than a few times!

Or I ran a few minutes late for a conference call, or I forgot to start the casserole.

The calendars do not work if you get distracted. I needed help.

As a full time leader for a company, with limited work hours during the day while my kids are at school, I needed to stay on task to be efficient and intentional with my time.

One day, as I sat at my kitchen island to work all day while everyone is out, I glanced over and stared at the clock on my microwave.

My microwave timer. How genius!

At this time, I was also taking Dale Carnegie leadership classes and participating in a John Maxwell mastermind group. We talked a lot about time management.

I began by charting my priorities for every day of the week. I penciled in tasks for Monday to Sunday. I took that list and put it into my Google calendar, including shower time, cooking, bus stop runs, husband time, alone time, work time and more. I filled up every available space and gave myself a time frame for each task.

To stay on task, I began to set my microwave timer for each new block of time. My kids thought I was crazy. They laughed at me and said “Why do you need the timer?”

I told them it has saved my business and my family time.

Setting the microwave timer has allowed me to work intentionally, make time for myself, never be late or forget a pick up or drop off for the kids, and so much more.

Now it is a staple for me and it truly is part of my daily routine. It is the first thing I do when I start a new task. It keeps me on agenda and focused. It works! Give it a try today.


As a certified life and business coach, entrepreneur, ministry leader, dance choreographer, manager and stylist, Vanessa Kromer work with women daily to be the best they can be through encouragement, accountability, praise, fashion and personal style, goal setting and support. It is my passion to truly inspire women and to help them to achieve greatness in their life and work place. I can help bring the vision for your life and/or business alive again!