How to manage when life feels crazy


By Elise Carr

Life is made of challenges. Sometimes it feels as though you’re being tested time and time again to ensure you grow and evolve. As an entrepreneur or creative, it pays to learn how to flow with and surrender to these situations.

Here is a simple approach to how you can meet your next life challenge head on and come out empowered in three simple steps:


Check in and ask yourself: Am I allowing this to trigger me? What sensations am I noticing? Bring your attention and awareness to the energy / emotions / physical dis-ease that is playing out. You may want to write it down, speak to someone you trust like a loved one, coach or mentor, step back and take a walk, or meditate. Choose the way you find most suitable to you to ‘feel into’ what and how you are experiencing the situation.

Let go

Frustration, anger, sadness and pain burns up your energy supplies and silences your spirit in the process. This is not how you want to function and it is not going to help your creative juices flow. This is the time to step back, and try to see your life like a painting or a movie playing out before you. Watch yourself; be the viewer and witness what is going on. This is called detachment. When you can detach from what is playing out, you are giving permission for your heart to take the lead.

Visualise and sense, see, feel, yourself in your sacred space. Often for me this is floating in space with my spirit guides, or in a temple on top of a mountain far above the drama below. Let go of what no longer serves and reconnect to your heart and spirit.

Fill your own cup

From here you want to tap into your inner guidance and ask, “What do I need right now?” Honour the answer by taking action. This allows you to take back your power as you have consciously, actively stepped out of the drama into the space you choose to be.

Remember: be patient and gentle with yourself. Loving kindness and compassion goes a long way.  


Elise Carr, MA is the woman behind StellaMuse with an unwavering passion for guiding amazing souls like you to awaken your inner Divine Power and manifest the miracles beyond your dreams. 

Known as the ‘Pioneer of Yoni Power’ Elise Carr is a Divine Empowerment, Sacred Sexuality & Spirituality Director, Holistic Life Coach, Writer, Motivational Speaker, Reiki Master, Tantra Practitioner, Model & Artist.

Elise is on a mission to shine the light bright for you to take back your personal power and live as the Divinely Empowered soul you are here to be.