How to get your business in the press


By Dina Berhman

Isn’t it frustrating when you have a business or cause that you know is fantastic but not enough people know about it? When you have a product or service that could help thousands of people, if only you knew where to find them?

Getting your business featured in the press is one of the most effective ways to reach tens of thousands, if not millions, of people.

It can help you to:

  • reach more people
  • gain more followers
  • raise your prices (people will pay a premium to work with an expert who’s appeared in the press)
  • make more sales
  • share your message more widely.

The good news is that you can do your own PR, without paying a PR agency, and still get big results. Some of my clients have used techniques they’ve learnt from me to get featured in the likes of Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Top Sante, The Guardian, BBC, and the Huffington Post.

And it doesn’t need to be hard, there are simple things you can start doing today which will set you on the path to some amazing publicity.

Become the expert

Spend some time working out what your area of expertise is. Think about which subjects you could happily write about for a guest post or talk about in an interview with a journalist. Come up with a few topics within your specialist area.

Work on your story

Your story is what will make you stand out when you’re pitching the media. Think about why you started your business: why you do what you do. This should form the basis of your story. Perhaps you set up a business after being made redundant, or found yourself working in a particular field because of something you experienced? Get clear on what your story is so you can share it with journalists and editors.

Get social

Social media can help you to connect with journalists and bloggers. Search Twitter for those who write for the publications you want to target, and get tweeting.

Submit a guest blog

Guest blogging is a great way to get yourself in front of a new audience, while showing off your expertise. Simply check the submission guidelines for the blog you want to write for, and get in touch. Try a blog in your niche that your ideal clients are likely to be reading, or try a well-known blogging platform like Huffington Post

Send a pitch or press release

Do you have a newsworthy story that you want to send to the mainstream media? If so you need to come up with a pitch or press release to tell them about it. Generally speaking, a press release is useful if you’re announcing the launch of a new business, a new store, an event, a new book, an open day or something like that. A pitch is useful if you have an idea for a feature e.g. an article relating to something in the news, a first person piece, or a top tips article. To create a pitch, put together an outline of your idea and send it to your target publication.


Dina Behrman is a PR coach who teaches female entrepreneurs how to get featured in the press. The former journalist lives in London, UK with her husband and toddler.