How to create a Snapchat strategy for your brand


By Chloe Waugh

With a somewhat noticeable decrease in Instagram engagement, have you started to wonder where your community might be hanging out?

There are now over 100 million daily users on Snapchat, so there is a good chance that your community is spending some time over on the platform.

Snapchat was tipped to trend this year, so there is little surprise that users have picked up on it’s fun, and unedited vibes and are making it work for them. What I love about Snapchat is the ability to easily and quickly share snippets of my day. The end result is sharing the story of what I have been up to, what happens in my business day to day and a little more of my personality, things that aren’t necessarily shared as candidly on Facebook and Instagram.

However, it is easy to get carried away with snapping, taking photos of more than just the behind-the-scenes of your business. Like any social media, there are amazing benefits that go along with having the free brand exposure and real connection with customers and clients. In saying that, it is also the reason why having a solid strategy created for your brand when using Snapchat is really important.

Here are my tips for developing your own Snapchat strategy for your brand:

1.  Develop an overall theme for your account

Much like you would on Instagram, your Snapchat theme should take more of your lifestyle and leisure activities into consideration. Think about what your business does and what your brand stands for and values highly and form your theme around that.

Everything that you share on Snapchat should reflect who you are as a businessperson and what your brand is all about, so straying away from the brand that you have worked so hard to build is only going to be detrimental to you and your business. 

Before you Snap away during the day, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will my community want to see this?
  • Are they getting value out of what I am sharing?
  • Would I want to watch this?
  • Can I make the content that I share more entertaining?
  • Is the content that I am sharing on Snapchat different, yet complimentary to what I share on other platforms?

2. Consider ways in which to grow your Snapchat following

Snapchat is unique in the way that there is currently no search or discovery function available, so in order to find new accounts to follow, or for new people to find your account, they need to know your username.

Because of this fact, you need to get creative in the way that you share your username with your community to grow your following on Snapchat. Here are some suggestions:

  • Leave your Snapchat username in your other social media bios.
  • Download one of your Snaps using one of the fun filters available, then upload it to another social platform to share that you are on Snapchat, don’t forget to include your username.
  • Include your Snapchat username in your email signature
  • Send your unique ‘snapcode’ to your email subscribers with an invitation to join you for behind the scenes photos and unique promotions
  • Collaborate with another aligned business by taking over their Snapchat account for a day, and visa-versa.
  • Include your username in your professional bio when you write a guest blog post.

3.  Work out how Snapchat is going to benefit your brand

Like any other social media platform, Snapchat can be time consuming. In order to benefit from the time and resources invested in the platform, it is important to work out why you are using it and what you hope to get out of using it.

Without clearly defined objectives and a vision surrounding your strategy, it is hard to know which direction you are taking your social media.

Carefully consider why your business is on Snapchat and form your objectives, vision and theme around these components. Then, ensure that your content is consistently meeting these factors and working for you in the way that you want it to. If not, make the necessary adjustments and consider asking your community for feedback. Don’t be afraid to ask your followers what they want to see more of from you – after all, they are what you are there for. 


Chloe Waugh is passionate about social media, working with small business owners, entrepreneurs and bloggers on developing and growing their online networks at Social Media Creative. Chloe is highly regarded for her content creation, writing skills and her intricate understanding of the market and ideal customer for each of her clients. 

In addition, Chloe also enjoys working alongside business owners in developing their social media strategy, then taking it further with providing important implementation support. Coaching comes naturally to Chloe, due to her deep desire to help others grow and nourish their online communities and businesses. Chloe has a personal and professional approach to each of her clients, valuing client results and satisfaction as top priority at Social Media CreativeSnapchat: chloejane_smc.