Melissa Wells: Issue Ten cover star!

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Let’s jump right in. Mel, what is your your purpose?

Great question! My purpose is to help women worldwide completely transform the relationships they have with food and their bodies. I want women to stop looking at food as the enemy, and stop the war on their bodies. I want women to fall back in love with making their bodies feel amazing. My community (my Goddesses!) are my whole world and set my soul on fire every day. Every life I change from a result of this work is why I'm here.

How did you come to be where you are right now? And what does your current business/work model look like?

I started my business 3 years ago as a hobby. I lost my Dad to cancer very suddenly which sparked a fire in me, to spread a more holistic healthy message. I had always been obsessed with food, but in a very unhealthy way - I was a serial yoyo dieter, suffered eating disorders in my late teens, and I also was in the acting and modelling industries - which didn't help the pressure I put on myself to look a certain way. It is from my own healing and path to recovery and acceptance of my body and now healthy passion for good food, that I am now able to help other women heal too. I run my signature program, The Green Goddess Academy, and I love each and every one of my Goddesses inside that program. I just adore them, and I'm so proud of the journeys they are on.

On top of that, I have a retreat in Bali this July, and I also have my first book coming out in June published by Hay House: 'The Goddess Revolution - Make Peace With Food, Love Your Body, and Reclaim Your Life!' I’m so proud to be Hay House’s youngest ever author at 26. It really is a dream come true.


What are you creating in this lifetime?

Oh, it's happening already! I want to create a mass movement whereby dieting becomes a thing of the past- and women honour their bodies and treat them with respect and love. I want to see a huge shift in the way young women berate themselves by comparison on social media, and instead take a stand on looking after themselves because it feels good - not because they feel pressured to look a certain way. For me, the way to reach the most women will be through my online Academy, and my book of course! And I also see lots of speaking opportunities in my future. I want to impact millions of women around the world with my message, as I see so many women struggling with the same mentality around food that I did - feeling trapped. I want to help set them free.

Talk us through what typical day (or week!) in your world might look like.

Do you know what, I actually don't have a set routine at all. I'm someone who actually hates routine. I love improvising and going with the flow. But anyway - most mornings start with emails, sometimes a call with my assistant, and then a plan of action for the day. Right now, I’m gearing up to the book launch in June, and also planning four retreats! I have two weekend retreats in the UK, and two in Bali!

I coach my 1:1 clients from home on Skype also. I will either stay home and work, or work from a coffee shop. I work from my laptop so I stick it in my bag and take it anywhere. I always try and find time in my day to workout during the week, but on the weekend I try to switch off from my business and relax with my loved ones. I have been going to bed lately with a peppermint tea, a book and I try my very best to switch off from social media when I get into bed.

Down time, and the work vs. life balance deal. How do you make it work?

When you find the person who has the perfect balance, let me know! It's a struggle, I'll be honest. It is both a blessing and a curse to be able to pick the hours that you work. My work is my life, so I live and breathe it. But that doesn’t mean I live every day aligned to what I teach. I drink green juice during the week and allow myself to have champagne on the weekends if I want! Most weekends I have a rule of no laptop and no emails, so those two days are for me and my partner to enjoy each other. Monday to Friday I work my ass off.


What has been your most rewarding project to date, and why?

Two things. Definitely The Green Goddess Academy - my online program and membership site. I'm so proud of my girls in that program I can't tell you. We opened last June and welcomed 108 goddesses into the fold! The results they've had have been amazing, and also taught me so much in return.

The other biggest defining moment or project was getting my book deal with Hay House - I'd been manifesting that one for a while! It was honestly one of my biggest dreams come true!

What three key lessons have you learnt in your entrepreneurial path, which continue to carry you forward?

1. Start before you're ready - I can procrastinate like a MF, do every online course that exists, and convince myself that when I'm 'ready' I'll go do this thing or start this project or reach out to this person...etc. Let me tell you: ready is a myth. Just bloody well start. I'm often pushing myself off metaphorical cliffs, then I play catch up with myself. It's fun and results in quantum leaps and bounds! It's amazing how much has happened in a year for me and my business just from constantly daring myself to jump before I have everything mapped out perfectly in my head. I can't imagine doing things the other way around now.

2. Invest in your business - I used to have a big block around investing in hiring people to help me - I wanted to take on the world and struggle through! I was terrified of wasting money, so I held onto my earnings with tight fists. As soon as I loosened my grip and trusted in other people’s abilities to help my business grow, there was no looking back. Every time I invest in my business and it feels aligned and expansive, the Universe rewards me.

3. Get a team! - I can honestly say I don't know what kind of muddle I would be in right now if it wasn't for hiring my fabulous assistant, Amber, to help me run the show. I fully recommend hiring an assistant to take those jobs off your hands that you know deep down you will never get to, and they always seem to be at the bottom of your to do list. I hope to keep expanding my team as the months and years go on!

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out?

Set deadlines for yourself. It will force you outside your comfort zone. Make big bold statements on social media like "MY WEBSITE WILL BE LIVE IN SEPTEMBER!' or 'MY PROGRAM IS LAUNCHING ON JUNE 8TH!' It will feel scary as shit, but my God will it make you accountable!


Please tell us your favourite:

  • Book: Light is The New Black, by my darling friend Rebecca Campbell
  • Website: My own website, naturally!
  • Early morning activity: Green juicing, it has to be!
  • Late night activity: Bed with a book or my journal
  • Gourmet snack: Gotta be my go to - soft boiled farm eggs and avocado. Dreamy.

Mel is a Hay House Author, Speaker and Coach at She empowers modern day women to stop dieting for good, by adopting a healthy, loving relationship with food, and a brand new lifestyle that reflects this.

Mel has sparked 'The Goddess Revolution’, which is taking over as the new 'anti-diet'. This is not a fad diet or a set of rules to follow, but a revolutionary new way of thinking that will help women to end the war on their bodies, start embracing an incredibly rewarding relationship with food, and become happier and more fulfilled than they ever thought possible. Tackling very modern issues - including 'fitspiration' and the obsession with perfection caused by celebrity culture and magazine airbrushing - Melissa speaks in a language that women can relate to.

Mel’s book ‘The Goddess Revolution’ published with Hay House is out now.