Manage your calendar like a celebrity personal assistant


By Courtney Daniel

Have you ever managed a special project that you alone were in charge of? What about in your personal life? Have you ever been the one responsible for another person’s health and wellbeing?

This responsibility is what I felt in my previous work as a celebrity personal assistant.

My clients trusted me because I said I could provide them a service. I needed to get the job done as effectively and efficiently as possible. If I missed the deadline for mailing out a greeting card or celebratory gift, that was my job on the line!

Each month, I would sit down with my client and ask them for dates for all upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebratory moments, which I would then add to my calendar. I dug deeper to find out what each gift recipient enjoyed, their favourite colours and so on.

Having these details helped me condense my research time and produce better results.

From these experiences, I was given the opportunity to think on my feet and outside of the box when choosing creative gifts, cards, etc. It really kept me on my toes, because at any given moment, I could be asked to purchase a last minute gift so I had to be ready.

Managing your business calendar like a pro might be easier than you think, and here’s how:

1. Treat all clients as if they are celebrities

Every client is valuable and deserves your utmost attention, not just those with star power. When you take this approach, focus is on the client’s immediate needs.

2. Never feel entitled

If I had dropped the ball on any one of my tasks, it could have easily been the end of my job. You must be grateful for your clients and understand that they could have chosen a competitor. You should express gratitude whenever possible. For example, if they send you a referral, send them a handwritten thank you card just to show how much you appreciate them believing in you.

3. Anticipate

You want to always be ahead of what the client may ask. Take notes. Each time you have a conversation with the client, listen carefully to what they are saying. Keep a record and this will help you build a solid profile on the client’s expectations and help you determine future needs.

4. Pay attention to details

 Always have your documents reviewed by a second set of eyes and double-check your work. The last thing you want to do is send something out with the wrong amount, date, or details. You’ve worked hard to get to this point with the client, and you want it to be flawless.

5. Schedule it all

Scheduling means it gets done (unlike if it’s just idling in your brain). If something is written on the schedule for Monday and you cannot get to it, just transfer it to Tuesday. That way it won’t slip through the cracks.

While celebrity client needs may be vastly different, I encourage you to create a system that clearly puts your clients first, have conversations that will add value, and build a strong, lasting relationship.


Courtney has over ten years’ experience as a designer and is celebrated for quality custom stationery, event execution creative background and enhancing the customer experience. Courtney remains the visionary behind the firm, and is contracted by individuals and businesses to create beautiful invitations, thank-you notes and other stationery materials. 

She is a wife and mother to three very active boys who keep her on her toes. Recently, they added a dog named Molly to the crew. On days when Courtney is not designing you can find her teaching Zumba at her community YMCA, volunteering, or spending time with family and friends. Grab your free template: Manage Your Calendar Like A Pro!