Fight the PJs temptation: get dressed to improve productivity


By Gemma Williams

One of the many benefits of being an entrepreneur, particularly one that operates mostly online, is the ability to work anywhere.  Just grab your computer and go!  Cafes, the couch, home office, or bed are all feasible.  This flexible work set up is often reflected in our approach to dressing for work. Comfort often wins. I mean, PJs are the best. But what impact is your outfit having on your productivity?

Getting dressed for work can actually have an impact on your to-do list.  When we dress the part, something magical happens.  We send a strong signal to our mind that it’s business time.  Even if you’re not likely to see anyone - maybe just the barista on your coffee run - investing that little extra effort in yourself in the morning helps you feel confident, and sets the tone for the rest of the day.

I’m not advocating six-inch heels, just giving some thought to your work outfit.  It can be as simple as swapping that t-shirt for a relaxed collared shirt or slipping out of the Uggs and into some flats. From an image point of view, it also shows you’re serious about giving your work the effort and focus it deserves.

Some women prefer to have designated ‘work’ and ‘home’ clothes. They might have a couple of blouses or shirts, a pair of jeans or pants, a smart dress and a relaxed blazer that they only reach for on their work days.  This way they’re always ready for unexpected meetings or running into a client (or potential client).   Having this “work uniform” approach can be particularly helpful for those who struggle to keep boundaries between home and work life. 

Colour can also be a huge motivator.  For some, wearing strong neutral shades like black, navy, brown and grey help them to focus and get into the work mindset.  On the flip side, and depending on your personal style, bright colours and patterns might be what you need to spark your creative engines. 

It's such a simple hack: who knew what you wear can help you get to where you want to go? 


Gemma Williams is a Personal Stylist and Image Consultant. She helps women dress for the job and life they want so they can have more fun and influence more people. 

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