How coworking allows your creativity to thrive

By Celeste Mitchell. Images by Krista Eppelstun.

Picture this: You’ve finally kicked that 9-5 job to the curb and are the master of your own working destiny. You control your schedule. You can work wherever you wish. You don’t even have to wear pants! Which is fantastic for the first six months or so…

and then you start feeling a little isolated.

You find yourself making one too many trips to the fridge throughout the day or finding a reason to duck out to the supermarket again... or FINALLY do your ironing. Anything except do the work you’ve set out for yourself to achieve for the day!

Coworking might just be the biggest buzzword of 2015 in Australia, but with more and more companies – not just indie creatives and work-from-home solopreneurs – getting their hot desk on, it’s not just trendy to work in a coworking space. It’s an investment in your creativity.

All about environment

Coworking spaces are the antithesis of the corporate office cubicle, which is exactly why creative freelancers and startups are flocking to them like moths to a flame (or girls to a Spell sample sale).

There’s no office politics; no drama. If you land on the right coworking space, it’s like all your creative (and interior styling) dreams have been realised.

The decor lights you up, the people are your instant BFFs, and most importantly, you get an express pass from procrastination hole to productivity palace. With shit hot WiFi and coffee on tap. #winning!

Claire Forbes who works from Share Space when she’s not working on projects in the South Pacific says, “I love the diversity of people you meet and the friendly, social atmosphere (plus the bonus of no office politics). It's great to having somewhere pleasant to base myself between travels.”

Razor-sharp focus

Radical Self Love doyenne Gala Darling swears by working in a coworking space if you’re organising a creative retreat for yourself.

“Sometimes, the simple act of working in a different location can help you produce your best work EVER. A lot of [coworking spaces] are very flexible and are happy to offer you space per day or per week. This will get out of the house, and surround you with other motivated people — which might be exactly what you need.“

Booking into a coworking space is making a commitment to your business. It gives you the parameters within which to nail that project plan, crack through that lagging bookkeeping or just write, write and write some more!

Stop, collaborate and cowork

Sharing a creative space with other inspirational freelancers and entrepreneurs opens up the floodgates for innovation and collaboration to propel your business to the next level.

You might turn around to find a web developer who can help you relaunch your site, an artist who would be the perfect expert for your next podcast, or a copywriter who can turn your idea into that e-course you’ve been dreaming of for eons. 

At the very least you might just find the perfect sounding board. Graphic and web designer Katie Gannon says, “the thing I love most about coworking is sharing funny stories about the challenges of working as a freelancer!”

Finding your real world tribe

The biggest freedom comes from realising you don’t have to do things the way society has preordained. Technology means we can now work from anywhere on our own terms, but for creativity to truly flourish, we need community.

Feeling part of something bigger helps to motivate you to do your best work and makes you accountable – when you put yourself out there and declare to your coworker mates that you WILL be launching that product or landing a gig, you have a ready-made cheer squad rooting for you to succeed.

And isn’t that a helluva lot more exciting than telling your cat about your big life wins?

Krista Eppelstun, freelance videographer, digital content creator and co-owner of boutique digital marketing agency @fluxdigital

“I come to Share Space for the inspiring company of other co-workers and overall cool vibe. The thing I love most about coworking is meeting other creatives and being around that electric energy!”

Adele McConnell, published author, plant based food expert and founder of

“I come to Share Space for some serious ass-kicking! I find that I get SO much more done when I’m not distracted by the list of things to do at home. The thing I love most about coworking is the energy. Everyone I’ve ever shared space with at Share Space is positive, focused and kicking major goals!”


Celeste Mitchell is a whip-smart wordslinger & business pimp for entrepreneurs and brands who want to take their online presence from boring to badass.

As a journalist, former magazine editor and the founder of The Devil Wears Flip Flops she’s obsessed with flipping clichéd copy on its head and writing words that will make you sit up and pay attention.