Find Your Intuition and Use it in Your Business

By Michelle D’Avella

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re on a business path that was sparked from your soul.

It all felt exciting and clear... And then your mind probably stepped in to create a plan of action, to figure it all out, and maybe to scare you into taking a more conventional path.

That’s because our minds want us to feel safe. It’s a beautiful intention really, except that the mind doesn’t have intentions. It’s a machine programmed for survival and minimising risk. So in a desperate attempt to make us feel safe, our minds are willing to do whatever it takes: including make us fear the worst. Our minds are willing to sacrifice the exploration of our own truths, the expression of our unique spirit, in order to feel secure in the status quo.

But we’re not here to play it safe. 

I’ve been asked what the most unconventional business advice I would give anyone would be. My reply is, “Trust your intuition.” 

Intuition is the Steve Urkel of our culture. It’s the awkward joke no one seems to take seriously, especially when it comes to making money. But when you’re running a business that has been birthed from your soul, the part of yourself you should be most connected to is your intuition. 

We typically associate intuition with personal life, but don’t forget that life is one big ball of interconnectedness. Intuition is the guidepost present at every exchange throughout our lives, and career is no exception. 

Intuition is the voice of the soul, the part that speaks our truths clearly and guides us along our path. It speaks through the body, and can only be heard when we quiet the mind. The more connected you get to your body, the more easily you’ll find it is to discern between ego and intuition. When we make decisions from our minds (our egos) we can get confused, lost, and end up trying to replicate someone else’s unique voice. Getting in touch with our intuition is what connects us to the part of us that is different from any other soul on this planet. When we’re in touch with our intuition the choices we need to make are clear, and we’re able to express who we are without doubt.

How do you know if you’re cut off from your intuition? It can feel out of balance, murky, confused, ungrounded, lost. Too up in our heads instead of rooted in our bodies. 

Here are 4 ways to cultivate your intuition:

  1. Ground yourself: Getting connected to the earth helps bring us down from our heads. You could try going on a hike, putting your feet in the sand, or hugging a tree (maybe they were onto something after all!). 
  2. Get into your body: Any type of body movement like dancing or yoga will help connect you to your body. Paying attention to how your body feels during the practice and not thinking too much or attempting to emulate someone else is super important. 
  3. Silence your mind: Focusing on the present moment through meditation trains the mind. It may feel difficult at first but you will improve.
  4. Clear your energy: Moving your energy through Breathwork, Kundalini Yoga, or Reiki can clear out stuck energy and limiting beliefs helping you get more connected to your intuition.

When you use your intuition in your life it becomes clear how well it fits into your business. You’ll be able to see where you’re hiding, what opportunities your fear is blocking, where you need to move into next, and most importantly, how to be yourself.

This is a time where women’s voices are rising. That may mean that we see many of the same themes emerging across blogs and business: self-love, happiness, manifestation, connection to source, acceptance, etc. but it doesn’t mean that our expression of these themes is the same. 

I firmly believe there is no such thing as competition. If we are all speaking from our own experiences and from our own hearts with our own unique personalities, we’re going to attract and connect with the tribe that matches us. But first, get out of your head and into your body, so you can allow your intuition to guide you to them. 


Michelle D’Avella is a mentor and breathwork practitioner, using this powerful tool to help people heal, accept themselves, and ultimately live happier lives.

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