How to Work Less and Enjoy Your Business More!

By Charlie Kingsland-Barrow

Are you working hard to make your business a success?

Working so hard that you often feel overwhelmed, frequently wish for more hours in the day, and your loved ones are starting to forget what you look like?

We work hard in business because we want our businesses to grow; we want to upscale, uplevel, live the dream. Creative and financial and lifestyle freedom.

The thing is, somewhere in the busy-ness of business - somewhere amongst the six-figure-gurus and the success webinars and the endless pursuit of ‘making it happen’ - we can lose sight of what we are doing this for.

After all, didn’t we escape the corporate world because we didn’t want to be shackled to a lifetime of work.

We escaped because we had another vision for our life.

I don’t know about you, but my vision does not involve a world in which I barely see my loved ones, I’m too busy to even take care of myself properly, and in which I am continuously running around like a headless chicken in my business.

If you know right now you’re guilty of the busyness, and find yourself wishing for more time in the day; the good news is you can start almost right away to work less, and scale your business more.

Start here.

Change Your Beliefs Around Work

This can be the biggest block. Our culture has created and perpetuated this myth that you have to work hard, and work long hours in order to make it; like you’re destined for failure if you aren’t mainlining espressos in order to support a 24-7 ‘hustle ‘n’ grind’ ethic.

Ask yourself this first - do you believe it is even possible for you to work less and earn more? That your business can be successful even if you aren’t there working on it around the clock? Do you feel like you can step away from your business for an entire week, without feeling anxious?

If you don’t first believe that working less and earning more is possible, then you aren’t going to be able to create and take the necessary action to support your core desires.

Identify The Dream

If you want your life to be radically different, you have to get specific with your dream day. In your vision for your life, how would you be living differently? How would you spend your time? More time on the beach, more travel, more time with your family, spent meditating or praying or at the spa, more learning and growth?

Identifying specifically what you want your dream day to look like by writing it all down is like knowing the destination you want to get to if you’re following a map. Without knowing where exactly you are heading, you’re not going to stand too much chance of getting there.

What does your dream day look like, from the moment you wake up to the moment you close your eyes?

Create Habits That Support Your Vision

If your vision for your day is that firstly you wake up feeling unstressed and unhurried, then it makes sense that the action necessary to enable this to happen is first and foremost to never check your phone/ email / social media when you wake up, or for the entire morning, seeing as then we are diving into our work day as soon as we open our eyes; not the best place to start a focussed and productive, blissful day.

Yet most of us do it anyway not because we need to; but because it is a habit.

Examining the work habits we currently have and replacing them with habits that support our vision is one of the key ways to work less.

Perhaps it is habit for you to check your phone first thing in the morning, and last thing at night. To check your inbox regularly throughout your day and respond to emails as they come in. Perhaps it is habit for you to feel as though you have to do everything yourself, or habit to work all hours of the day. Perhaps being stressed and busy has just become a normal, accepted way of life?

We are usually not aware of our time-sucking habits as they are so ingrained into us; we just see them as normal. Isn’t this the way it’s supposed to be?

How can you redefine what is normal for your everyday work day? What habits can you begin to replace?

You Are Not A Snowflake

What is it that is holding you back from outsourcing? Outsourcing is the quickest way to free up your time so you can do more of the work you love.

Yet often we are reluctant to outsource as we harbour fears around it; nobody else can do what I do! is a complaint I hear used by some of those I coach, and is known as ‘snowflake syndrome’.

We fear that others might mess up, rip us off, not be able to understand our clients in the way that we do, that we offer ‘personalised responses’ as part of our client service, etc. Basically ‘nobody can do what I do for my clients!’

The bottom line is this - apart from doing that one thing you want to become known for; everything else can be outsourced. EVERYTHING. From sales calls to marketing, design, managing your inbox, EVERYTHING.

And even that one thing can be outsourced too, depending on what you want to do / achieve.

Which tasks take up most of your time? Identifying what these tasks are enables you to understand what it is you need to outsource first.

The One Thing

Are you focussing on one thing in your business, or do you have more of a scattered approach? Not sure whether to create a blog, a membership program, an online course, product, service, book, or VIP coaching course, so you kind of attempt everything?

The best way to grow is to examine what you have done to date and see what has worked so far from a financial perspective. This is how to scale! Not by creating MORE, but by refining what you do and figuring out how to improve it, make it better, sell more, reach more.

Becoming known for ‘one thing’ also makes it easier for your reach and influence to grow and the success you desire to come more quickly.

What is it that you want to become known for?

Following these strategies and going deeper with them is what enabled me to create a successful business that enables me to work four hours a day, four days a week.

Of course, you could argue that for some people, what you do cannot be separated from who you are, when you care that much about it.

I think that’s another lie designed to keep you busy. For me, my business and program encouraging and teaching women to live a life they want will always be a part of who I am; it is my purpose and message. But it does not define me; it is not the WHOLE of who I am.

By stripping away everything not needed in your business, the extra weight; by refining and going deeper in your vision; and employing smart strategies and habits, you can very quickly create a business that works for you; not the other way around. 


Charlie Kingsland-Barrow is the founder of the Work Less Revolution, and is on a mission to shred the busy-ness of business away from female entrepreneurs worldwide. 

A coach, mentor, speaker and writer, Charlie believes that you do not have to sacrifice  health, relationships, marriage, or self in order to be successful. She enables women to scale their business profits, streamline and outsource their workflow, and prevent overwhelm and procrastination - resulting in more money and happiness but above all - time.