How to create a more meaningful business by aligning with a cause


One of the most beautiful things about being an online entrepreneur, businesswoman or blogger is that you cultivate a platform for your message. A place to share your wisdom, help people, and effect change for the better. And, a great way to amplify that, if it resonates with you, is to align with a cause.

By considering issues that are significant to us, and consciously choosing to contribute, we can create a stronger purpose, meaning and 'why' to our work than ever. There is science behind why giving makes us feel so great, and of course, it's beneficial to the recipients too.

So, how can you go about aligning with a cause?

Firstly, decide who you'd like to help. People, animals, the environment? This can be tricky because there are a vast number of worthy causes, and a finite number of ways a single person can assist. But don't be overwhelmed - instead, use your intuition and heart to decide which one feels right, for now.

Secondly, think about the ways in which you could contribute. For example, you could set aside a percentage of your income each month, or a $25 donation for each new client you take on, or even a few hours of in-person help a month (time permitting). What appeals to you?

Personally, in my graphic design business, Raspberry Stripes, I have in the past included a contribution to Kiva or RSPCA Queensland with each eBook design package sold. These days, I contribute a percentage at the end of each month to a range of causes I believe in including Kiva, RSPCA, Sea Shepard, Women for Women International, Worldwide Fund for Nature, Elephant Nature Park, and The Orangutan Project. Yes, I have charity FOMO, and yes, there is a lot to be said for thoughtfully directing all your assets at one cause - but I like to spread the love around!

Something amazing about contributing to a cause is that relatively small amounts of money can make a big difference. $20 might be a lunch out to you - but once donated, it could feed an abandoned animal for days, vaccinate a child, buy a sterilised birthing kit, or contribute to a small business opening up in Tanzania! How amazing.

Choosing to publicly support a charity or cause that feels good to you can tell your ideal readers or clients more about who you are and what you stand for, attract more of those people who resonate with you, and inspire you to work even harder so you can affect more change! Bonus!

As Leonie Dawson says in her post on becoming a conscious custodian of money

Money is a tool; no more, no less. You can change money into something that reflects your values and beliefs...Money is just going to make you more of who you already are!

Do you choose to align your blog or business with a cause? Why, or why not? I'd love to hear from you.

Alana WimmerComment