How to Create a Soulful & Inviting Office Space!

How does your office make you feel? Bored? Resentful? Flat?

Sitting down to work, or write, or create feels infinitely more enticing in a space that reflects your personality and feels nourishing on a soul level. It IS possible to feel happy in a work space!

I am lucky to work from home and my office is my favourite room in the house! You might find that when you live with other people, you compromise on decorating style - my husband probably wouldn't love my girly-metaphysical stuff through the living area - but your office it all yours to do with as you wish. It's like having your own bedroom as a kid again! 

Let's dive in.



Firstly, define your work area. This could be a room in your home, a cubicle, a nook in the corner of your bedroom, or a desk in your living area. Wherever you decide to put it, I urge you to define a boundary around it. No matter if it's big or small! This is your sacred space.

If it's part of a larger room, you could use a rug to create this boundary. 



What do you like? Minimalism with a lot of white? Cosy jewel tones? Bright patterns? Check out Pinterest, design blogs or Instagram with the hashtag #OfficeInspo for ideas. Maybe make a mood board of your own. Take note of the overall style as well as details, like plants, stationery, rugs, chairs and wall art. 

Don't get intimidated if you have a small space. You only have to look at Ikea catalogues to see what can be done. Try searching specifically for small office ideas and see what comes up!



You'll probably need a computer, notebooks, perhaps a whiteboard or cork board. But these don't need to be boring standard editions - you can style them up however you'd like! I've used raspberry-coloured washi tape on my whiteboard to delineate different areas. My cork board is covered in quotes and images of inspiring people. My computer has coloured post-its framing it's face. My notebooks are a rainbow of colours (getting a sense of my style yet?). 

If crisp white sings to you, get some luxurious white hard-cover notebooks, a classy pen, a tall vase full of white tulips and bask in the simplicity.

Or maybe you have a metallic fetish (fun!). Or you love the feel of things so you mix leathery and furry and glossy textures. Or everything covered with wanderlust-worthy pictures of exotic beaches.


What makes you feel soulful?

This could be almost anything - it's totally personal to you. In my office, for example, I have crystals, plants, alchemical oils, a stack of oracle card decks, a candle, a dream catcher, and beautiful art prints (there's a round-up of these in Issue One!) that inspire me daily.

These elements make my space feel cosy and healing and spiritual and restorative.

Yours could include: art supplies and an easel, a stack of books, photographs of loved ones or landscapes that inspire, candles, a zen garden, an altar, flowers, incense, a teapot, or prayer flags. Or anything else!

(Also think about what scents you love, and consciously add a candle or room spray to the mix).



Your office needs a vision board. It's a powerful exercise to state your desires and make a visual representation of them - and it's more powerful again to see that board every day. Those outlandish goals begin to creep into your subconscious, and in no time at all, they begin to feel possible. How cool is that?

So get creating that vision board, whether physical or digital, and see how nice it feels to walk into an office that includes a little sneak peek of your dreams daily.


If you work in a shared office space it can be tricky to make it feel yours. But it's still possible, and worth doing! If your workplace is strict, try small things like personalised mouse pad or post-it notes. If possible, branch out into a plant, a crystal or two, and maybe a calendar that lights you up. Add a new desktop background (I love the selection from Design Love Fest), and you'll be feeling happier in that office chair in no time.

Do you love your current office? What would you change about it?

P.S. Check out Issue Two of the mag for even more inspiration.

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