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I'm Alana - graphic designer, owner of Raspberry Stripes and chocolate-and-peanut-butter obsessed foodie. I work with fun and inspired online businesses to create brands that celebrate purpose and elevates messages to reach more of the people who need to hear it!


Truth time -

figuring out how to start and run your online business as well as design your logo and publish your website and get that eBook up for sale is, well, a huge undertaking.

Navigating the world of Photoshop and InDesign and Squarespace is a steep learning curve (and leads to screw this I'm eating a tub of ice cream and watching Netflix instead because computers are the worst).

Which is a bummer, because I know what you've got to share with the world is important, and it deserves to be launched in style. 

Great design amplifies great work.

That's what drives me - I see my job as a designer as jet fuel for your already awesome ideas, products, and services. 

Great design is a true representation of the personality of you and your business, and the confidence to start, and continue, to do the work you were meant to do.

You've got the goods, I've got the skills. Let's make it happen!

Just a casual photo shoot in the jungle


Alana Wimmer is a graphic designer and the owner of Raspberry Stripes, a design studio elevating inspired and conscious online businesses through FUN, BOLD + BRIGHT graphics! When she isn’t moving pixels, painting or planning a beach escape, you can find Alana walking Rory and Roxy the boxers, probably on her way to pick up an açaí bowl.

You can connect with Alana on her personal Instagram or Raspberry Stripes Instagram.

YOU MAY HAVE HEARD OF Raspberry Magazine...

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I created Raspberry Magazine, a digital mag for women in online business and those who dream of escaping the 9-5, from 2014 - 2017, releasing 13 issues in total. You can view them all here, free


  • Pen, Polish and Publish was an online course I co-created with Katie Smyth to teach step by step professional eBook design.