I'm Alana.

My aim is to help propel women to be successful in online business, and in turn effect positive change and experience freedom, fulfilment and fun, through the power of design.

If you’re an online business owner, blogger, coach, writer, yogini, wellness warrior or any other sort of change-maker, you are in exactly the right place. You’re already doing great work. Great design will amplify your message to reach more of the people who need it.

Raspberry Stripes is about taking your vision – for your logo, brand, or eBook – and nurturing it until it’s something that is not only inspiring, but also delightful to look at. 


I studied journalism at uni and was lucky enough to land a couple of dream publishing jobs where I learned all things design, with a bit of small business thrown in. I started reading blogs and found an online community of women doing things differently. It was an exhilarating concept: that people could create a business and design a life they loved. Yes, please. I took a leap and hired a coach, and within just a few months we mapped out a way for me to move on from my office job.

I made the decision to take a redundancy, bought a laptop with the money and started a business as a self-taught designer, which has evolved into the business that you see here today, Raspberry Stripes.

In 2014 I fulfilled a dream of starting my own online magazine which aims to further elevate bloggers and business women – Raspberry Magazine. I hope you check it out!

When I'm not moving pixels or virtually assisting, I have an incurable case of wanderlust and like to get outside and explore every chance I get. Sometimes, I combine work and play by taking my trusty laptop on the road! Living the dream.


Alana Wimmer is a graphic designer at Raspberry Stripes, and the founder + editor of digital publication Raspberry Magazine. She works with rad lady entrepreneurs on projects and brands that create positive change. When she isn’t moving pixels, reading or planning a beach escape you can find Alana walking Rory and Roxy the boxers, with her husband in tow, probably on her way to pick up a green smoothie.

You can connect with Alana on Instagram.

Alana Wimmer // Raspberry Stripes