Truth time - figuring out how to start and run your online business as well as design your brand and publish your website and get that eBook beautified and up for sale is, well, a huge undertaking.

Navigating the world of Photoshop and InDesign and Squarespace is a steep learning curve (and leads to 'screw this I'm eating a tub of ice cream and watching Netflix instead because computers are the worst').

Which is a bummer, because I know what you've got to share with the world is important, and it deserves to be launched in style. 

Great design amplifies great work.

That's what drives me - I see my job as a designer as jet fuel for your already awesome ideas, products, and services (please excuse my carbon-unfriendly metaphor). 

Great design is the confidence to stand out from the sea of sameness, and the balls to start, and continue, to do the work you were meant to do.

You've got the goods, I've got the skills. Let's make it happen!

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I'm Alana, graphic designer, owner of Raspberry Stripes Design Studio and creator of Raspberry Magazine. I work with standout women in online business on projects and brands that create positive change.


I grew up loving books, magazines, writing and the arts. It made sense for me to study journalism at university but I knew immediately that working in hard news was not for me.

I was lucky enough to land a job in niche magazine and book publishing where I wrote (and edited) my heart out. Working for a small business lead to creating book covers for the company, and my adventure in graphic design had begun.

I took short courses, spent nights teaching myself the ins and outs of design programs and typefaces and logo design and colour theory, and loved every moment. Around this time I was voraciously reading blogs and discovered a community of women online doing things differently. 

I was immediately hooked on the idea that people could create a business and design a life they loved.

Deep down, it's what I'd always wanted - creativity, autonomy, freedom. Yes, please.

I took a leap and hired a coach, and within months we mapped out a way for me to move on from my office job.

In 2012, I left cubicle life and started my online business, which has evolved into what you see here today, Raspberry Stripes. 

In 2014 I started my own online magazine to showcase women killing it in online business (and how possible it can be for you too) – Raspberry Magazine

When I'm not moving pixels, I'm hanging with my husband, Rob and our two boxers, Rory and Roxy. I love cooking and making high flow acrylic art. I have an incurable case of wanderlust and like to get outside and explore every chance I get. Sometimes, I combine work and play by taking my trusty laptop on the road!


Alana Wimmer is the owner of Raspberry Stripes Design Studio and the creator of Raspberry Magazine. She works with with standout women in online business on projects and brands that create positive change. When she isn’t moving pixels, painting or planning a beach escape, you can find Alana walking Rory and Roxy the boxers, with her husband in tow, probably on her way to pick up a green smoothie.

You can connect with Alana on Instagram.

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Photos by Fiona Peters.