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I'm Alana, and this is Raspberry Stripes.


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Alana may call herself a graphic designer but I call her a design shaman and intuitive design magician because that's a far more accurate title for her. Alana has a way of honing right in on the very soul of my business, product or service offering in a way that so many designers simply cannot or do not. Alana can take my mish-mash of ideas or inspiration and turn it into a finished design far beyond my wildest imagining. 

Her service is impeccable, she is pure sunshine to work with and I never hesitate to recommend her to ANYONE who asks for designer recommendations. There's a reason this lady is in-demand and booked-out, and you'll be able to see why for yourself as soon as you begin working with her. 

Carly Stephan, Coach + Mentor



Working with Alana was exactly the talented, kind, high-standard experience that I seek in collaborations for my business. She was prompt, clearly in her zone of genius, and generally an all-around lovely human.

I'll definitely be using Raspberry Stripes as my go-to designer!

Victoria Bauman, Coach + Breathwork Facilitator

Victoria Bauman for Raspberry Stripes

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Alana is so good at what she does because not only does she have the skills, she has the heart and intuition to really "get" what I wanted and the vision I had in my head as a client.

She asked great questions, she got me thinking, and she took the time to align herself with the values and voice of my business before picking up tools. The entire process was clear, seamless and joyful. I have kept all of the concept draft documents because they were so darn beautiful. Alana didn't just send concepts, she created my brand before my eyes in a document that let her ideas stand up in front of me, backed by considered, articulate explanations of each. Alana workshopped my feedback with me without fuss, and always made me feel that she was as excited to nail it as I was! 

I have had so many compliments on my branding and so I should because what Alana created is electric! Her work has made me feel legitimate in my business, and elevated the emotion and energy behind my brand, I am so grateful and look forward to working with her again on the next adventure! 

Kris Deminick, Coach



Bright, bold designs; flexible and intuitive personality; open and humorous communicator - Alana's got mad skills. She's everything you want when you're handing over your creative vision.

I've worked with Alana numerous times over the years, and I keep coming back because I love working with her and everything she creates.

Get her on your design team stat!

Tahlee Rouillon, Meditones Musician

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