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i help soulful creatives do what they do best


HELLO! I'm Alana.

I help women in online business.

If you’re a coach, writer, yogini, wellness warrior or any other sort of change-maker, you are in exactly the right place. You’re already doing great work. The right support will amplify your message to reach more of the people who need it.

Raspberry Stripes is about taking your vision – for your business or project – and nurturing it until it’s something that is not only inspiring, but also delightful to look at. Read more...


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ways we can work together

Raspberry magazine

Raspberry Magazine is devoted to bringing insightful articles, interviews and helpful resources to lady online entrepreneurs, freelancers, bloggers, digital nomads, and those aspiring to be. 

After dreaming about creating a magazine since I was a small fry, I finally took the plunge in 2014. Through my graphic design business I'd already been lucky enough to work with inspiring women around the world - it was just a step from there to deciding to go bigger with Raspberry Magazine.

With the help of some unbelievably amazing contributors, Raspberry Magazine has been gracing inboxes for two years now, with a seriously exciting and humbling bevy of cover stars to our name.

Our mission?
To ignite you to chase your dreams, inspire positive change, encourage each other and balance purposeful work with a wonderful life.

Check it out and get dreaming - because it's all possible.

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Ready Made Logo Store

Sometimes you're on a budget and in a rush! My pre-designed logos are one of a kind, a change of colour and text is included, and I'll get the final files to you within 3 working days. Instant brand :)