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Raspberry Stripes is about taking your vision – for your business or project – and nurturing it until it’s something that is not only inspiring, but also delightful to look at.

You’re already doing great work. The right design will amplify your message to reach more of the people who need it.






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Alana takes the time to get to you know and your style, your concepts, your message... And weaves it all together in a way that will both exhilarate and inspire you - not to mention your clients! Having such gorgeous, stellar design made it even easier to promote my eBooks, because I knew that the reader was truly buying an experience. I can't wait to see what Alana does with my stuff next. She is magic. 


Bright, bold designs; flexible and intuitive personality; open and humorous communicator - Alana's got mad skills. She's everything you want when you're handing over your creative vision. 

I've worked with Alana numerous times over the years, and I keep coming back because I love working with her and everything she creates.

Get her on your design team stat!

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tracey spencer

Alana is an absolute rockstar to work with, especially when you find it hard to articulate your vision into words and you want to create something completely different and a little badass. I sent her a photo of a scarf that had the colours and feel that I wanted for my new graphics, and she absolutely nailed it straight up with a completely unique design just for me. She has a special way of creating graphics that are always polished and professional, but totally infused with your personal energy and vibe, that's what I love most!'

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